When we come to this world to “have a good time” in what we call “life”, we bring with us the “duties” that we, ourselves, through our Higher Self, decided to do to continue learning things.

The Earth is already a “hard” school by itself, but we also bring under our arm the “lessons” that we have decided to study during our stay here.

Two ways of learning

We all have a set of primary lessons for each life, and two or three sets of secondary lessons, to call them in some way. The primary lessons would be like studying a doctorate in something in particular, while the secondary lessons would be something like simply taking specialized courses. Our Higher Self chooses the primary lessons, and the others, based on our work done in previous lives, in our effort to “learn” and in our focus on how to “learn”.

We can learn in two main ways, through “positive situations” or through “negative situations”, although it sounds simplistic. The first is, obviously, the most appropriate, because we are presented with events, people, and things in life that will teach us according to “that” which we must learn. If you pay attention, if we understand those situations, teachings, etc., we are simply “evolving” while enjoying those “positive” teachings.

Learning from negative situations

However, most of us “decided” to learn from encountering “negative” situations, obstacles, problems, etc. It is not the most pleasant way, but we can use this “method” precisely because in a previous attempt “failed” the fact of trying to learn through positivism, of working a “mental” or energetic lesson without seeing it reflected in the physical as a problem, etc. In reality, it is not so much that we choose to learn via negative events but that we will use them as they keep coming or happening in our common reality as the main trigger for those pending lessons. We must understand that for our Higher Self the “suffering” is not an aim for us, the incarnated part, neither a game nor a caprice, but from an extremely much higher perspective than ours, it is sometimes a result of the way we go assimilating certain teachings on behalf of the personality when it has not been possible to internalize them in another way.

“Change of method”

When we are really aware of our lesson or lessons for this life, and for each moment of it, and we realize in what situations we are involved that have to do with this, we can ask our Higher Self (with a conscious intention) to help us to experience our lessons in a more “positive”, smoother, less pronounced or intense, or at least less problematic events from those we have been experiencing until now.

Will it work?

Well, it depends on the case. The goal is to do our “homework”. If we take responsibility for completing them, we can go through the different lessons with greater joy and tranquility than if we forget them, and they have to give us physical signals and obstacles to remind us. In any case, do the test.

Put the intention to learn your lessons through positive experiences, and try to see if you notice any change in any area of ​​your life. Your personal development has taken a qualitative leap, not only because you have shown that you are aware of what you have come to learn here, but also because you have shown maturity to ask for that change and to follow the path of personal evolution.

No one said that we have come to this life to suffer, we have come to be happy and to evolve, to improve and grow, so if you see that the lessons do not happen to you as you would like, ask for help so that your Higher Self will give you the opportunity to try the other method and be aware of the work to be done.