How many things are the “4D”?

As I don’t want to be tedious, many times I do not define terms that I use in the articles because I have written about them a thousand times and, at this point in the game, I thought I had explained well what I call the “fourth density”, but I see that you keep putting comments saying that the fourth is “bad” and that the fifth is better, I see that it is not yet fully understood what I define as level of consciousness vs. what are the frequency or vibration planes. This is normal, because with the amount of blogs, books and literature about the change that exists at this time on the planet, and taking into account that each of us apply our own cognitive filters to the information we receive, I guess it is logical that there are still people thinking that we are talking about a jump “into the astral plane” as you have told me on occasion.

Let’s see if we can’t fix it.

The “4D” as “the fourth density” in levels of consciousness

When I tell you about the passage to the fourth density it means a new level of consciousness in the human being. On this planet Earth, coexist three defined levels (with some exceptions) where the vibration of the consciousness of a mineral or a stone corresponds to the first density, the vibration of animals and plants (generically) corresponds to the second density, the vibration of humans or their level of consciousness correspond to the third density. The move to the fourth density means a change in the level of development of the human being. Moving to 4D is to change consciousness, expand it and connect to another reality called the 15.6 hz matrix by its base vibration frequency through the frequencies of your fourth chakra and in the positive polarity of service to others. We talk about the fourth density because it involves the activation of a new level of consciousness, moving upward towards “the Source”, hence “we raise a level” and move on to the “fourth” from where we count it.

“The 4D” as a “physical” or mathematical dimension

In mathematics, physics, and science, dimension is a number related to the metric or topological properties of an object. The first dimension is a line (because a point is dimensionless, it has no dimension), the second dimension is a plane (a line moving in space), the third dimension is a volume (a plane moving in space). And the fourth dimension is time.

According to Wikipedia’s definition:

“The physical world where we live is composed by four perceptible dimensions. Traditionally, it is separated into three spatial dimensions and a time dimension. We can move up or down, north or south, east or west, and movements in any direction can be expressed in terms of these three movements. Time, it’s the fourth dimension. It is different from the three spatial dimensions as there is only one, and movement seems possible only in one direction.At the macroscopic level, physical processes are not symmetrical with respect to time. But, at the subatomic level (Planck scale), almost all physical processes are symmetrical with respect to time (I mean, the equations used to describe these processes are the same regardless of the direction of time), although this doesn’t mean that subatomic particles can return over time [that is yet to be verified]. The theory of strings says that the space where we live has many more dimensions (10, 11 or 26), but that the universe measured along these additional dimensions have subatomic size. These ideas are based on the ideas of the 1920s in the context of Kaluza-Klein’s theories.”

In this context, there is no a path to the fourth possible dimension as we now conceive it from this definition, the fourth dimension does exists and “coexists” with the first three others. It simply represents the plane through the one where it exists in the physical dimensions moves and its properties vary with respect to the level of consciousness from which it is looked at (that is, in the level of consciousness of the fourth density, time has nothing to do with how we conceive and measure it from our third evolutionary and current density).

However, what is defined in this mathematical structure, is the number of dimensions that our next evolutionary level will have, 5 of them perceiving four spatial dimensions and a temporal one, that is, that after the change of density, all things are perceived from all angles, and its movement or displacement is still perceived as time, but in a very different way from the “time” we perceive now. On the other hand, if the base frequency of our reality now is 7.82 hz, the base frequency of the next evolutionary level is 15.64 hz.

The “4D” as a frequential plane

On the other hand, there are people who say that we jump to the fifth dimension, but be careful, don’t mention the fourth one because is full of negative entities!! This is related to the structure of frequency planes that exist in our galaxy. Thus, in different books or written, the first dimension corresponds to the vibration or frequency of the physical plane, the second dimension corresponds to the etheric plane, the third dimension corresponds to the astral substrate, the fourth dimension corresponds to the mental plane (where there isn’t any reason to fear, there are no bugs) and the fifth dimension corresponds to the buddhic plane, which, indeed, as you have already deduced, is the same plane with the energy from which the first subtle body develops when the evolutionary level of the person is elevated, the so-called superior emotional body.

So, for those of you who have doubts about whether the fourth density is more dangerous than the current level of vibration of the human being or if it is a mistake regarding literature that speaks of the fifth dimension, you now know that it is the same , but explained from two different perception angles.

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