How to become rich


This article follows the same line as the last one about how to improve our financial situation, although we are going to twist a bit the things to try to obtain some clues about “how to get rich”, because that is why we are left out of money spending a lot buying lottery, right?

The main topic is to obtain more benefits which ever way we can, which is intimately tied to the situation of how much we “give to receive”, that is (let’s call it) the Law of the Boomerang (cause and effect, action-reaction), what you “throw” is what will always come back to you. If you ever doubted that this law really exists, try throwing a boomerang and see if you catch it on the fly before it hits you from behind.

Get rich in 10 steps

There are hundreds of articles, programs, methods and books on how to quickly become rich. None of them works. But we all keep buying them and putting them into practice especially when things in our life are going wrong. Personally I own several books on how to make money in 10 steps and how to double my income easily or how to stop working forever in 24 hours. These methods only reach a minimum success and for a short term (if they succeed at all) but they won’t work in time without serious work backing it up. In my case in my beginnings in the internet world, I tried many formulas. I was a blogger and started an internet business, so I tried all sorts of online sales, programs of affiliation, combinations in pay by click ads, selling products developed by others, etc., etc.

The schemes to make quick money do not work

Really this type of products only work well for the own creator, that makes thousands of people buy it and promote it for him, and even then the success is not assured. People tend to clearly differentiate something that gives us a quality service vs products that are rather a lot of bla bla bla marketing without almost any substance inside. Maybe we’ll bite the first time, but as soon as the word goes around that there is smoke behind it, you’ll soon stop having in mind that fantastic income of five figures that the product talked about in its packaging. I’m not saying that these formulas do not work at all, but it is unlikely that you get the benefits you want selling the product of someone else and taking a minimum commission for it. Even so, the time it takes to make people buy from you and not from another person, already eliminates you from the list of “obtaining money fast”, from this type of formula. The same goes for other types of pyramid-shaped sale methods or the like.

How to get rich

I only know a sure formula to obtain as many or more benefits as we wish, in the long term and sustainable over time: to provide value to society. If you want to succeed with your work, service or product, it must provide a high value to those who receives it. The larger the value or benefit provided, the greater the benefit returned to you. I do not say it, it’s said by an universal law.

Providing value

The only way to obtain high economic performance in the long term and in a sustainable manner is to provide high value to what you produce and what you do. Creating and delivering value, generates an energetic current in the opposite direction that returns proportionally the delivered value. I dare say that the size of your current account and possessions at this time is proportional to the value that you have given to the world to date. If the impact of your actions were for example equal to the impact caused by Bill Gates, with its thousands of millions of Windows sold, imagine how much value you would have provided to the entire planet with your work. If you are in the red numbers at this time on your bank account, ask yourself if you are not receiving more from others than giving to others. If you want to be full and live in abundance, give yourself in body and soul to provide value with what you do and ensure that it touches and benefits the maximum possible number of people. If you are looking for a formula, think about this:

Personal benefits obtained=value delivered x number of people benefited

What is the value of something?

How can we know if what we do is providing something of value to the world? At first glance it does not seem easy to find out. For example, if what you are reading now in this article makes you reflect or produce a revelation that makes you jump because an idea has reached your mind, then it will have given you something of value and, I will be more than satisfied. because it means I will have fulfilled my goal. The “law of the boomerang” (cause and effect) may bring me back, according to what I have been able to contribute to each of the people who read me, comments from other people that help me to have another revelation at another time, or perhaps provide contacts for someone who decides to link this article and make other readers benefit from this idea, or perhaps an editor comes and offers to write a book about the Boomerang Law and so on.

When you do something, try to contribute, make sense and improve in some way the life of the person who receives what you give. It does not matter if you are a waiter and  provide your best smile to a client with a bad day, or if you work in an office and you make your project really improve something at some site. The more value and contributions to the planet you make, the more value  in many ways and shapes you will receive in return.

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