As we said in the former post orgonite is a simple mixture that you can make in the garden, terrace or garage of your house. Also inside home, but since natural resin is used, it is better to use it somewhere that we will not stain everything and it’s always well ventilated. The mix itself is cheap and easy to get and the device you will create will work for you, for your home, for your neighborhood and for your affected area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always, and without having to charge or plug it into any power source.

What do we obtain from an orgonite?

  • Transforms your environment (home, neighborhood, etc) negative “etheric” energy in healthy and neutral energy.
  • Purifies water from intoxicated atoms found in pipes or bottled water.
  • Helps plants grow better.
  • Inspires in the environment a sense of optimism and positive energy.
  • Often remedies insomnia or sleep problems.
  • It helps to empower our innate psychic faculties.
  • Makes us collaborators of a cleaner, caring and respectful world.

How to create orgonite?

Well, let’s go with the formula. You must buy:

  • Liquid resin, found at hardware stores, in a half-liter bottle.
  • A cone shaped mold can be anything that is flexible and can be filled without leaving the resin. Also a cup for drinking martini, etc.
  • Get aluminum chip at hardware stores. Nails made with iron or any other metal are also useful. Copper metal it’s the best.
  • Get white quartz, rounded or pointed.

Once we have all the ingredients, we have to put the cup of martini or the cone down, held by something, and put some liquid resin inside it. After that put a quartz on the tip of the cone, with the tip of the quartz pointing downwards. Around the quartz we introduce aluminum chip or nails, always equal amounts between the metal chips and the resin.

We keep filling the mold we have chosen from resin and aluminum chip or nails. In the middle you can put one, two or three rounded quartz in geometric form as you will see in the video that I put at the end, until you fill up the edge of the cone or the martini cup. There we put another rounded white quartz.

Finally, we let the whole mixture dry a few hours. Once dry you already have a powerful energy transformer for your home, your neighborhood and all your surroundings.