From the moment of our birth, we all have help from one or several spiritual guides assigned to us, that work in union with our Higher Self to assist us in our personal and spiritual evolution. Normally the number of entities that guide us as the years go by, may vary, some temporarily work with us for a specific period of time, some others come and go when we need their “inspiration”. Usually, we all connect with one or two main guides, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of the “team” isn’t there.

Discovering your guide’s impulse

As I said, most of us, as adults, have already formed a group of guides, caregivers, protectors, and many of us are probably already communicating with our “main” guide. But to learn unequivocally when our guides want we to pay special attention to them, we can learn to discern the “impulse” they send us when they want to connect or send us a message.

It’s basically like the doorbell, when it rings it’s like someone comes to visit. It’s the same concept. Our guides will normally use a concrete way to let us know they are there and they want to communicate, it may be a special sensation, a tingling, a chill, a pressure somewhere in the body, etc. Finding it is being aware that they want to tell us something or warning us in some way, and thanks to that we can be more attentive to any signal or message, or synchronicity, that comes to us.


The way to find out what is this “impulse”, is going into meditation, and mentally ask our lead guide (if you know you have more than one you can do it one by one) to clearly indicate as if he “knock on our door”. Be attentive to any sensation, noise, word, itching, emotion, etc. that comes to you at the moment. If you notice something, ask again if it’s correct, and if you feel the same again, you have found the code through you can notice in a conscious way that you have a message in the inbox that eagerly awaits to be read.