If you have read the articles of the last few months you have already seen that I have been working with regressive therapy for some time, both in me and in other friends to investigate, understand and experience firsthand everything that happens or happens to each of us in the so-called period between lives when we are not incarnated in the physical body, when we are just that “being” that enters and leaves from the energetic, etheric world, to go to a physical dense world.

Personally the regressions that I have lived have opened my eyes and they have been priceless for what I am interested to know about this process that is the game of life, and of course, as a therapist, what I have been researching with friends and mates has been much more, a lot more surprising and interesting and has opened me the doors to a much larger realities than I had ever dreamed of and have set in motion events for which there is no turning back.

For those of you who want to have an idea of how this whole world of regressive therapy works I recommend the books by Michael Newton and Brian Weiss, they are basic to start with, they don’t explain how to do therapy but they do explain the results that have been found, and as I am coming up with equally interesting and parallel results, in some cases, I think they are a good basis to start moving around this world.

The subject I will explain today has to do with what a “guide” once said to me: “the greatest fear of humans is the fear of death” (let’s talk about guides as a generic name for all kinds of beings we interact with when we are in the period between lives in the so-called high astral or in the mental plane, although in some cases, much further!).

And it seems to be true, from the side of those of us who are alive, because I assure you that from the side of those who “leave” it is totally the opposite.

A great liberation and a great trauma

Every time I have re-lived one of my deaths in one of my past lives, it has been a great liberation. I can’t explain it better. Every time I left my body, and if my information was correct, I have done it more than 1000 times, I saw it down there, lying down, wherever I was when I had just died, I felt free, everything was finally over, I was finally going home. In one of Michael Newton’s books, another person said that getting out of a life is the same as getting out of a pool where you’ve been diving for many years underwater and suddenly coming to the surface and breathing fresh air. Well, that’s it.

All the people that I have submitted to regressions, after the exit of the body felt well, happy, liberated. Then there are other different emotions, but they are for other reasons. I have felt anger, frustration, despair and tiredness, but personally it has been for the fact of having entered and left a life without having fulfilled the mission that I had proposed to fulfill, thing that you realize immediately after leaving the physical body because you recover the memory of who you really are. The same thing has happened to me with some friends who, on leaving, have felt tired and sorry for the same reasons, but not for having left behind their physical existence, which is always a reason for “joy” for the one who leaves.

The hard part is going down again.

It is curious that, for many souls (we are going to use this term in a generic way as the being that we are although we have already seen in previous articles what the soul really is in reference to the spirit) it is the entry into a new life that costs more. First of all, not everybody wants to go down again, many souls find it enormously difficult to return to Earth, I am not talking about wanderers or souls who come to help and well, they resign themselves to enter again and again to fulfill their promises of help, but any of us who simply enters and leaves a life to collect experiences, grow and evolve.

The entrance, in all cases, is the most traumatic part of the process. Coming out of the etheric and astral world and having to descend again into the world of matter is not easy. It is done with illusion because it is another adventure, but it is not always something that is easy, because the entry into a physical body requires certain sacrifices to that being, among others, reduce the vibration, fit into a small body, lose the memory of who you are, and have to start from scratch. No wonder that the exit from the “game” of life is always a “buf, finally this game is over”.

Death is not the end of anything, it’s a transition between two states. An entrance and exit. As another being who was with the person in the period between lives said, “if we don’t lose the fear of dying, we will never end up learning to live.” And that’s why each of us choose the time to enter and the time to leave, nothing and no one can make us change those two points except ourselves,so we all leave when we consider it appropriate, and each has their reasons for abandoning an incarnation when it does, and that doesn’t imply a modification of the parameters agreed with those it has around and with whom it has incarnated. If we leave people early, from our point of view, it is because they had decided, if we leave before others, it is because we have agreed to it. In such situations there are always pre-karmic pacts and agreements.

A friend of mine in a regression where we were reviewing her antepenultimate incarnation came to live only 15 years, give a message to her parents, make them wake up to a certain kind of worldview and leave again through an accident caused by herself on a soul level because the mission had been fulfilled. All cases are the same and there are no failures in the system. Those who want to leave early have to seek life so that the agreements and lessons they had promised to carry out are done in some other way if you no longer want to fulfill their part of the deal on a physical level, because free will still exists, however, that does not relieve you of the responsibility of fulfilling those agreements in some other way, hence there are outstanding things between people from one life to another, or hence the reconfiguration of the lives of those who have been “left behind” to allow them to continue growing and advancing on the other hand. This whole process is always dynamic, it is never static and it is always in constant re-parameterizing and reconfiguration.

Mass deaths and natural disasters

On the other hand, when thousands of people die in natural disasters, in events of enormous magnitude that affect all of us at the level of the collective unconscious, it seems to us a disgrace that this can happen. However, all those souls have agreed to leave at that precise moment, that’s why that person was “there” in that place in that instant. Maybe the individual reasons of each individual are different, maybe not, maybe there is some kind of agreement, karma, lesson or common experience needed. But, in any case, everyone, on a soul level, knew where they had to be and when they had to be. Those who were not touched, their being has already taken care of taking them out of the area.

At this time when we are on the planet, the subject of natural disasters is something in crescendo. You know that earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, undermining, out-of-control storms, etc., etc., have been up for some time and will continue to be so. We know that it is due to the influx of high vibration energies colliding with low vibration energies, with clusters of negative 3D energies that have to disappear and transmute so that others can integrate and hence nature is doing a job of constant balance. On this topic, another guide gave us a very clear explanation in another session.

The conversation had led to the work that many beings of the non-physical planes are doing to balance the earth’s energy fields:

“” David: but there are still many earthquakes, hurricanes, undermining, etc..

Guide: it’s necessary David

David: it’s for transmuting energy, I guess…

Guide: Correct. You use that certain language to refer to natural disasters and you shouldn’t call them like that because they are natural balancers. There are people on your planet who with their good intentions, are working against these natural balancers because they are asking them not to happen, not to move and they have to move, what happens is that people who live on your planet do not yet understand physical death, nor even life.

David: it’s a transition between two physical experiences, nothing more…

Guide: right David.””

You can already see the point of view of all these beings who assist us and who attend the planet, death represents nothing but taking off a jacket, spending some time for resting and put on another jacket again.

The problem is that this fear of dying comes from the psyche and the organic body we use, it doesn’t come from the being we are. The fear of dying is part of the suit, not of the essence, but unfortunately sometimes the costume directs the experience and we cease to be in resonance with the real reason for our incarnation: a temporary visit to be able to collect physical experiences because this is not our home, our home is the one that is “up there”, because it is from there where we come and it is there where we return between “escapades” to this physical world, unfortunately we do not remember when we are in the physical world because it is only a moment of passage and whatever plane we are in, is all life, life and nothing than life.