Humility Therapy


This week I have been doing the first level of a course on past lives regressive therapy that has been extremely interesting, and has provided for me, and many of my companions, a good handful of lessons on life that will give us much to reflect on the next days and weeks.

It is not my intention to explain how it works and for what it’s used the past lives regressive therapy, and less to enter into a discussion about reincarnation and whether or not we believe in it (it is used equally effectively believe or not in reincarnation, treating the contents that come out of each regression as something symbolic, instead of saying that they come from a past life), but I do value the personal results that I have obtained. To begin with, and as our teacher said, regressive therapy is a therapy of humility.

Some details on how a regression to past lives works

A regressive process begins with a relaxation and visualization that helps you enter into the regressive state in which your subconscious can, without the conditioning of the analytical mind, help you to get past experiences that may be conditioning, limiting or damaging experiences and situations in this current life. The clearest example is a phobia that has no specific or real cause in this life, feelings towards a person (good or bad) that can not be explained because you do not know where these reactions come from; limitations and suffering for which we do not find an explanation, etc.

Since this first level is to delve into techniques and methods, basically the regression is to bring the subject to a significant past life related to the topic you want to try, find those most important facts, make bridges with our present life to be able to provide an understanding of why a situation is being experienced or you have a fear or a limitation (if the cause is in that other past life), and then take the person to the end of your previous life, extract the conclusions that the person takes on how he lived that life, what was learned, felt, missed or wanted to do and did not, and then take it to the space between lives where you get the comprehension of the why, of many situations. All this, written in these few lines, is nothing more than a simplification of one of the methods and techniques of personal development and inner growth that I have known so far more potent, in its initial phase of introduction.

Humility Therapy

The title of “humility therapy” comes from the lessons we have all taken in these sessions on our actions (or no actions) in previous lives. We have all hurt, we have all been harmed, sometimes we have treated people badly, in other lives they have treated us badly, we have killed, they have killed us, we have judged, condemned, and we have been judged, and we have been condemned, many many times.

Karmic bonds between lives, promises that one does to ourselves not to go through a situation again (for example, suffered too much in love and before dying to tell yourself that you will never fall in love, and see how many and many lives don’t find a stable couple or that love you crave) have been the order of the day in many of the results that have been coming out in different sessions.

One becomes humble. Because suddenly we understand “in flesh and blood” that there’s much more than this “body” that inhabits now, and because we also understands that there are things that surpass us, that we have had to spend many times in the same situation to understand and learn the lesson, and that by the simple fact of not being able to understand that love, helping others and sharing, are the most precious gifts you have and what is most valued when you leave this school of life, suddenly make many things come to a new perspective.

Who was I in another life?

The curiosity to know “who” was I relatively disappears. I will tell you that these days I have seen myself as an archer in the Middle Ages, as a jester in the court of a French king, as an abandoned old woman or as a maiden of a medieval knight, but none of those personages had importance by themselves , but it was because of the lesson or the message that at the end of each of those lives could be taken out and their relationship with your current situation. My humility has come to understand that, perhaps, in some lives I have not given as much love as I should have done, for example, or that the way I was treated in those lives has conditioned my way of behaving at this time in accordance to those experiences. And all my companions have lived the same.

And it is that if we have learned something, is that what we most value of all when we are about to die is how we have treated others and how we have felt ourselves. Right out of the session today, when I took the car on the way home, I turned on the radio and the first song that has been played was by Belinda Carlisle “Heaven is a place on Earth” and the first sentence was “In Heaven Loves comes First“. I couldn’t have received a better message after this humility therapy.

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