Ideas of Service To Others (STO) in a Service To Self (STS) Framework


Have you ever had concerns or ideas, sudden inspirations of wanting to do things, on your own, with other people or with other groups that might have value orprovide a service to others and then realize that the obstacles, the frameworks you need, block you more than help you put them in motion and the “pure” idea does not fit in the environment in which it has to be implemented?

A STO Soul in a STS World

This is one of the main problems of having a soul which at a certain level moves desperately towards cooperation and service to others but in the other hand has to live in a physical world completely structured towards the service to self. And, this happens, awfully frequently. Suddenly you have the idea of launching something, of doing something, of suggesting something, of helping in one way or another, whatever, that can be done collaborating with other people, without a greater interest beyond the simple fact of “doing that”, and then it turns up that the first step you have to take has to do with norms, rules, responsibilities, protections, limitations, that it can’t be done “just like that”, because it has to be channeled (whatever type of action or project it is) within the current and existing structures in our society.

What happens then? Some try to go ahead, others get frustrated, and let it go. Why? Because the idea, the need of doing or setting up that “something” arises from a creative need, with a polarity and a way of understanding the world STO (service to others) which some of us have inside at a soul level, at a Higher Self level, while the suit we use in this world and the tools to live in it are driven towards the service to self. The frustration of having a soul inside, that wants to collaborate, help, support the growth of others while others support yours, is often cut short because the methods and steps required for it does not fit in this way of working.

Understand the frustration

And you can’t do much. But you may avoid the frustration knowing why it happens, which it what I have just told you. It happens because an idea or intention purely STO has a difficult way out in a STS world, that is why it is so challenging to move consciously towards an inside and outside life (at the level of the soul desire just as much as at the level of physical implementation) towards an existence purely STO, at the moment in the world.

But it is here where it is the effort of who tries and achieves that small STO driven actions manifest in small physical STO environments too (for example the small local groups, things that can be done with your family, cooperatives, or similar small-scale projects). When small plots of the physical reality, of the social and economic structures in which we live, some way or other, successfully transforms towards structures of service to others, it is when the motivation and desire that arise from our core soul are successfully implemented and a step towards a change in the polarity of the planet happens. A step. Nothing more. But there is not a path to be walked without taking one step after another. And the path, in this case, is a change at a planetary level.

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