When we are meditating, connecting with our so-called spiritual guides or with our Higher Self and  we do ask questions trying to obtain certain kind of information, it is quite normal to doubt about whether, what we “receive”, really comes from “higher dimensions” or we are just making it up (if it comes from our ego, subconscious, etc). To learn how to discern, I leave you here some indications that will help you.

Everything that comes from sources from higher levels of consciousness and from the “positive polarity” has the same parameters and respect all the rules of free will and no intervention.

  • Therefore, the information is always aligned with the greater good of the whole world. It will never benefit a person by hurting others.
  • Everybody has access to the same kind of information and spiritual help. Beware of those messages that appeal to your ego, the need to have “powers” or “special abilities” that reflects ambition or need to have control over others.
  • All the answers and messages are inspiring, practical and help us in our journey. They should not create any kind of fear, apprehension or despair.
  • The messages are brief, direct and specific. Messages do not include riddles or word games. Our Guides do not communicate with us to give us clues that we then have to guess what they mean. They tell us directly what we need, with few words, images or sensations. Direct to the point.
  • When you establish communication with your Higher Self or with your Guides, you always remain in total control over your body and mind, and we can ask questions back to clarify doubts, as if you were talking to a friend. Nobody or anything is going to enter your body and put you in a trance. If you receive something like that, it does not come from your spiritual guides or your support team.
  • Every message emphasizes the need of personal and spiritual evolution through each one’s inner work. Everything that seems to come as an answer and does not involve a minimum effort on our part to get it, it probably comes from our mind.

Keeping this in mind, it will be easier for us to eliminate those doubts that always besiege us when we are working with our Guides or Higher Self. Everything that does not meet these characteristics comes from any other place and will not necessarily be information that may be valid to you.