In search of objective reality


The fact that each one of us sees things in a different way is what we call subjective perception of the reality. It means, it depends on each one of us that every situation, experience, event or fact is perceived in one way or another.

But of course, that is subjective. That is, ¿Is it real for everybody? ¿Is it true for everybody? ¿Is it correct for everybody? No, it is not. For the simple reason that the only way to see and perceive things in a “real” way for all, is to perceive the reality objectively, that is, in the same way that the “reality” perceives itself. In other words, the “consciousness” that shapes the world we see, the universe, the energy of creation, and the way in which this “universe” or this “energy of Creation” perceives itself, is the only reference of objective reality that we have. If there was a “central truth” or “primary truth” or “primary reality”, this would be the reality that the “creation” itself has of itself.

Filters and mental programs

So, it is difficult to talk about what is true and what is not. But we can approach to the work and the perception of objective reality if we are able to work with the part of ourselves that is “made” of the same consciousness that creates or shapes that reality: the Higher Self at the highest level, and the soul and spirit that we possess as links with the personality.

What we see of the outer world is painted, filtered and colored by hundreds of filters, programs, inner conceptions and mental patterns. At a conscious and subconscious level, each portion of “objective” reality goes through such a series of internal “filtering” that when we see “the world” or “reality”, we are seeing only “our reality” or the world “according to our vision of the same”. But that, in a certain way, is a tremendously “false” perception and far from that “objective” reality.

A work that lasts the entire life

So, to get close as much as possible to really perceive the “universe” as the universe (as a generic concept) really perceives itself, we have to eliminate dozens of filters. And that can be very painful. We have to begin to clean up first the multiple mental programming and learned patterns of behavior that we have been acquiring since childhood. We have to eliminate the mental blockages and the “energetic” veils that distort the perception of the outside, we must distance ourselves and disconnect from the multiple facets of the ego and the automatic programs that we have created to survive in the world, and we must cleanse fears, traumas, learned behaviors, etc. It is WORK FOR OUR ENTIRE LIFE, to get only a small glimpse of how “the real reality” is as conceived by the only part of our self able to perceive it objectively, our Higher Self.

The Russian mystic Gurdjieff called this work “The Fourth Path“, and a part of his teachings was intended to make his students see in themselves all these learned and acquired behaviors, in their minds, as automatons, programs that work in us without us realizing it. We are “machines”, he said, and only by “disconnecting” the machine, then the man can develop his true potential and purpose (the soul, the spirit and the Higher Self).

Shattered self-concepts

What happens when you start trying to eliminate those filters and programs in yourself? That you begin to see yourself in a different way. Facades are broken, the image one has of oneself is broken into pieces, you begin to see how you have been programmed and how you respond automatically with many behavior patterns learned, to external stimuli. You begin to lose your self-importance (the greatest enemy of a person, Carlos Castaneda said), the archetypes of the ego start to panic, and you enter a spiral of “Wow, what is happening here?”. Because suddenly you are eliminating filters and more filters, and making your Higher Self impose the real vision of the world, transmuting the subjective vision of the same that each one of us has created.

I, personally, realize that I have just started on this path, and I realize that it is for the rest of my life, and of course, from the filter with which I am seeing this now, it doesn’t seem it will be nothing easy. Of course, if I do not do it, I can never really perceive the world in which I live, just as the world in which I live perceives itself. And that is vital for the learning for which we have come to do in this evolutionary level.

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