Before any teaching, information, knowledge or path in life can help you to evolve, we all have to understand a very simple, basic, preliminary truth, and on which basis to make important decisions.

The first thing you should seriously ask yourself, and then act on it, is this: what kind of world do I want to live in?

Once you have already decided, it’s when you are in a position to achieve it. It is the best “agreement” we have with the universe. If you want to live in a good world, then be a good person. If you want to live in a paradise, be a “paradise” as a person.

It is so simple it seems is a lie but it works so well.

Oil and water

We all know that oil and water do not mix, they are avoided, they shun. Why? Simply because they have different nature, and each of them, naturally, “gravitates” towards that which is identical to it. We are not different either. Each of us will end up existing in the class of world we belong to, by our way of being, of living, of existing, regardless of the other kinds of worlds that exist elsewhere. If your nature is water, you will go with the water, and even knowing that the oil exists, you will never be affected on what happens in the nature of the oil, because you don’t belong to the oil.

So, before choosing or doing something, do you think about what world you want to live in? And then do what you think is convenient to approach that world. Ancient wisdom of the monasteries of Tibet that remind us that we have the power to become on that we want to be and that we can create the environment to exist in it.