You all know that prayers, invocations, intentions, mantras, petitions of manifestation, etc., are powerful ways of sending a desire towards higher planes in the form of an energetic wave (our thought or oral expression of our desire), so that it is returned to us in a “material” way or manifested what we have asked for.

What you’d want to know, I think, is that we have some help to make those thoughts and intentions come to a good result, and especially if they are correct, constant and focused, so you’ll see their accelerated demonstration process. And what is this help? Nothing more nor less than something that is called “white lights” (for lack of a better term, because this is how they are visualized), which is nothing other than small energetic components (or beings) whose function is the transport of these thoughts or intentions towards the higher levels.

White Lights

Not long ago on Facebook we talked about whether these white lights are the same as the Orbs that some people see. The truth is that I do not know, nor have I been able to investigate about it, but it gives me the impression they’re different things. These small components, which can be up to few dozen “lights” around us (is an approximate number), have the function of capturing those intentions and transporting them to the upper levels without causing loss of energy.

Blue Lights

When a person is very active mentally expressing and launching their intentions, desires, etc., and its “white lights” are busy to the extreme that cannot deal with so much work, we are assigned or we are attracted to other energetic components of a “higher order” that are visualized as “blue lights” around the person’s mental body, again, for lack of better name and understanding of what they are. These blue lights have more capacity to collect and transport our intentions, and, to greater use, the greater number that comes to us.

Conscious Use

Simply visualizing that when we launch an intention, we put it inside of one of those white lights and that this intention is transported to where it has to go to be manifested, seems to maintain and strengthen those mental forms we create. As we use this method more and more, easier and faster we will see that these intentions can be manifested. Mind you, this is not to say that they are a substitute for the whole process that exists behind the famous “law of attraction”, as far as I understand it, they are a method of “transportation” that avoids loss of energy and power in the desire requested, which is like saying that although they are not in charge of manifesting it, they are responsible for arriving in perfect condition to a good port. We will continue investigating.