Influence of the collective unconscious in the transmutation of planetary energies


There is no day that passes by that we have no news of a new earthquake, hurricane, sinkhole, storms without control, flooding on one side, volcanoes on the other. The physical environment we inhabit is scrambled, perhaps in your area nothing exceptional happens at this time, but if you take a global look at all the Earth, following various means, it is not difficult to realize that natural activity has been in Crescendo, and will continue to happening, in the coming years.

The “energetic-spiritual” reason, calling it some way, is the transition from the vibrational level we call 3D 7.8 Hz, to the vibrational or evolutionary level we call 3D 15.6 Hz. A frequency change that consists in transmuting absolutely all the current energies 3D to be able to “root” new energies of a higher frequency level. Anywhere in the universe where this transition was harmonic, normal, smooth, the change would be just as smooth and gradual. Especially if you go from a “positive” 3D level to a positive higher level as well (positive and negative use simply as general labels, it is more complex than that).

However, on our planet, we carry a very, but very, “negative” energy charge, so the transition is certainly more problematic. If we saw the Earth from space with “energy lenses”, we would see something like this (it is a representation, not a real image):


However if the planet were mainly polarized with positive energies, the appearance would be somewhat different:


The problem for our planet is that in order to be able to polarize “positively” towards that new evolutionary level, it is necessary to shake absolutely everything that it carries on that it does not vibrate or resonates with the new polarity. Since this is gradual, since the planet itself also does not seem to want a total “macro-destruction”, energy transmutation is occurring through the most “controlled” natural phenomena possible (from the point of view of the Earth of course) to safeguard the maximum of organic life. Otherwise, the earth could simply revolve, turn itself upside down, and in a split second shake all the negative charge that accumulates, giving rise to a new and “clean” version of the planet in the new reality 15.6 Hz.

The problem-humanity

We have to understand that this macro negative charge that the planet has accumulated and is carrying has no other origin than from the human race. Neither flora or fauna has contributed to it, but it is we who have generated the situation in which we are at this moment, due of course, and partially, to the manipulation of a certain group of service entities to oneself (“negative”) that nourish of these energies that we generate, from the manipulation of the human being since ancient times, with a ferrous control system over our society, etc.

The point is that we only have two options, if we want to collaborate in a “smooth” transition of the planet, we must clean it “from the inside”, otherwise it will be “from the outside”. In fact, if we get to work, we can avoid dozens of natural events that have only the function of transmuting stagnant energy clusters, when no one on the planet has put them in the area where they are. The main way to help in this process is to do an auto-energetic cleansing. Each of us are like light bulbs that emit a certain type of light, at this moment, the energy that we emit is terribly dense and with a low vibration (altogether), so we have to begin to dissipate and transmute all those low frequency energies that we have generated, everyone on his own.

Otherwise, one of the things that will be thrown at us is that the cosmos does the cleansing by itself. In other words, the process of change to a “positive” frequency level is irreversible, what is in the air is the “how”, and the “when”. The “How” has several options, the first, that the whole humanity “cleanses” itself (negative emotions, fears, low-level energies), thus cleansing the planet, the second, the earth cleanses by itself at a stroke, because it has no option but much to its regret (but remember, we are not the physical body that we inhabit, therefore it is not so serious), third option, the “Cosmos” sends the cleansing equipment (rain of comets and meteorites, more and more proofs appear to be a cyclic event that happens approximately every 3600 years, and we could say that is the way the solar system has to pass the mop around the planet at this end of cycle). Everything can be combined at the same time, but everything can have different levels of impact on us, because it depends on the state of the collective consciousness of the most important species, energetically speaking, of the planet, that these events have more or less intensity.

A process that extends

The “When” is also a variable parameter at this time. The energetic “impulse” that the planet is receiving from external energies push it to make the change as quickly as possible, because the interaction with these “galactic waves” simply “push” you upward (vibrationally speaking). But there can be no complete transition if you don’t get rid of the baggage you’re carrying, that no longer resonates with the new level you want to integrate and anchor, so this is lengthening, more and more, until there comes a time when it is not possible to hold (for the planet), the influence of external energies that elevate its frequency, with the low level energy charge that it carries.

This is where the breaking point occurs, and when one of the options of the “how” that I told you above, will come into play then at its maximum power, is an external cleansing (bombarding cycle “cometary”), is a brute force transmutation of the planet that no longer “can wait”, or both. Then, once most of the negative energies have been transmuted, the slow process of integrating and settling the “positive” energies will begin, so that we ourselves, the ones who are incarnate on this planet, if after our graduation ( Completing our lessons and after dying physically start in the next “course” or if you take the step “in life” during this incarnation) we decided to continue in this school, we will have that new evolutionary level “ready” for it.

How do we do it?

There is no other option than to work on ourselves. Any technique of the hundreds that exist to remove stones from the energy backpack helps. To be aware that we are constantly being induced to fear, to worry, to anger, to confrontation, etc., helps not to generate them. Be aware that we are manipulated by dozens of fronts so that we are “low” emotional, mentally and physically help much more. Taking care of our food by eating healthy, health and physical body is terribly important, and everything has to be done. In fact, it would have to be done “Yesterday”, because there is not much time, from our point of view. Perhaps we will live many years with this process of gradual transmutation if the planet manages to get rid little by little (relatively speaking) of the great “globs” that it carries upon, which means many years with natural phenomena becoming more frequent. Maybe if we help from the inside, we can soften the physical manifestation of them. Any earthquake, any natural event, can become a disaster or can partially “calm down” if the people in the area where a large pressure of energies accumulate to be transmuted are transmuted from “inside”.

The message they give us is, “there is no time.” Literally, there isn’t. If those of us who have created this disaster (that we have been manipulated is not an excuse, we are part responsible for allowing ourselves to be manipulated by ignorance), if we do not work on it, “major” forces will do it for us. It may have to be like this, because I have no idea if it will happen on time”, to assume that the critical mass of people who are needed in time” for this energetic cleansing to be on a large scale, sincerely I have no idea, so the only thing we can do is not be waiting for others to do it, but we have to take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves, each one of us, who will get down to work.

As Michael Jackson said: If you wanna make the world, a better place, take a look at yourself, and make the change”.

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