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There’s a lot of fear in the environment, in the collective unconscious. Many people have already told me this when we talk about the Akashic Healing courses and the energetic cleansings, and everything that is going on in them. In Spain, it is the economic crisis fear, which adds to other fears and worries that do not stop attacking us everywhere, in other parts of the planet the matter follows the same path. That if there will be a war, that if the planet changes, that if the system collapses. It is very difficult to stay focused and disconnected as much as possible from all of this because of the pressure, if you feel it even if only by an internal unrest, it grows every day.

All kinds of influences

As human beings we are, as receiving antennas of external energies, and as connected to all that exists, we cannot stop interacting with all those “waves”, whether they are “positive” or “negative”. It is that we live under many kinds of energetic influences, that can help us or can cause us discomfort. It all depends many times on how conscious we are of those influences. Let’s see the most important:


The “Source” and our Higher Self

Since at “some level“ we come from The Source, and our Higher Self is connected permanently to it, and ”is part of it”, one of the main influences and connections we must actively develop is the opening of the seventh chakra so that this positive influence may be felt in our lives. The advice to follow is: learn to meditate, It’s that simple.

Our Guides, Protectors, Guardians, etc …

Entities of other orders and dimensions or higher evolutionary levels that offer to work as guides, guardians, protectors, etc, are another positive influence to seek actively. Learning to differentiate them from negative entities that pretend to be what they are not, is part of the learning and growth process, but not for that reason we should stop to look for help or guidance from “beings” that actively seek to give a helping hand. The same advice: learn to meditate.

The conscious mind and the Ego archetypes or characters

Our conscious mind is constantly influenced by our ego, the program that manages the sum of the different characters and archetypes we have created to navigate through our reality. What we call the ego, which we have already talked about in several articles, we must learn to control it, and give it the role i given, to govern the mind computer by following the instructions marked by other deeper parts of ourselves (the Higher Self), so that it is able to make us navigate through life without fear. The ego is influenced by its own energetic patterns that collects from what it perceives outside, especially in interaction with other people, so it influences the conscious mind knowing what it does to prevent whenever we can be harmed or injured, because its main role is the survival of the physical body that governs. Controlling the ego goes through internal dialogue, through an enormous deprogramming of mental spheres, by being able to perceive their manipulation and by “calming” that need to take control at all times. The ego is not to be suppressed, it is put to work in harmony with the soul and under the Higher Self control.

The unconscious mind

Our connection with the collective unconscious. One of the greatest influences we have, and from which it is terribly difficult to escape. We are victims of everything that is cooked in the air, of everything that transpires at the human level. We are in permanent contact with all beings that inhabit the planet as a result of this collective unconscious, and this is where we are “attacked” more and more, and where most of the fears that are anchored to us at the energetic system level arrives, because we self-generate them once we have perceived something out there that creates a sensation or blockage that would not have been there naturally. It is the means of control per excellence for the human farm.

To control its influence is by being aware of what we perceive in ourselves, being ”aware“ of it to be able to ”analyze” it in a rational way, and to distance ourselves from those external energies that do not have to affect us, if we do not want them to do so.

The subconscious

The mind garage, our deep processing store that has a lot of power in our life. The subconscious (both at the mental sphere level and its corresponding layer in the mental body) manages our day-to-day also in a very subtle way, buries what could harm us or cause some problem the logical mind does not know how to solve, and it is in turn, one of the human being energetic facets that must be tried to have cleaner and tidier. There are many ways to work the subconscious, one of them is writing without thinking too much to give free rein to what is inside us, another is speaking out to yourself and recording us, letting naturally arise all that we carry inside, another is the energetic cleansing of behaviour patterns, conducts, traumas, phobias, etc.

The Soul or the “Inner Self”

And as we also have the soul influence, which should be the captain who manages our existence helm by giving orders to the ego and the conscious mind to make right decisions at every moment. Turning it into the inner compass is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. The soul, due to being connected and being the link with the Higher Self, is one of the influences that we must also develop, increase its level of “real” presence in our life, because its “wisdom” helps us to block the negative influences effects of the environment and the collective unconscious to which we are being subjected.

Energy system, subtle bodies, chakras, aura

Finally, another of the negative influences we have in our life, is the one that our energy system suffers through interaction with the environment and the planetary energies. Here we are affected by everything, from an increase in the Earth electromagnetic fields, to the aura of the person you have sat beside at the subway. Many of the blockages we collect and manifest are self-generated, and come from what was described above, from the collective unconscious, from the subconscious or from the conscious mind (fears, etc), but others are simply things that influence us without realizing it by moving into vast energy fields where we go. Manage and blocking its effects involves being aware of them, learning to protect ourselves and living an energetically healthy life.