Any type of energetic work, by its very nature, is subject to multiple sources of interference that can distort the connection in one way or another. Whether is a connection to your guides, your Higher Self, your deceased relatives, etc., and in whichever form, in meditation, in canalization, using a pendulum or a Ouija board, etc., it must be clear that all that comes to us must apply the filter of doubt and critical analysis, and try to corroborate, experiment or confirm by various methods or forms the validity of the same. So far, I have experienced several types of these interferences, which are becoming more recognizable the more experience one is taking on these issues.

Sensitivity to environmental energies, surroundings “charged”, general electromagnetic interferences

The most normal and the simplest, something that we all experience. Depending on where you’re working, your connection will be cleaner and clearer. It’s not the same a city as the countryside or the mountains. It is not the same an energetically clean site that a place where all kinds of energy waste accumulates. They are not specially directed blockages against us, they are simply in the environment and can distort in more or less measure the connection. It is solved by looking for the cleanest place possible or by constantly cleansing our workplace.

Energy disruption of third parties

If you are working (channeling, meditating, using a pendulum) somewhere where there are people on a radio close enough for the energetic fields of both people to interact, our connection may become cloudy enough to cause Information distortions. Mainly if our higher chakras are affected by the energies of other people around (especially if they are “emotionally charged”), because instead of the information from the “higher” planes we can get to simply capture information of the energy field of the person we have close to us. It is still a general interference, which is not directed against us in a specific way, but which affects us by being ‘ open ‘ and in a ‘ receiving ‘ mode. It’s easily solved by doing these kind of things when we’re alone, with no one around.

Psychic Attack of negative entities

Now we are entering with interferences directly generated against us. Especially if you are working in energy therapies that deal with entities of all kinds. In this case, the most common thing is to be a victim of what we might call psychic or energetic attacks. Imagine a laser pointing to your energy system, causing all kinds of dysfunctions, not only in the chakras and subtle bodies that are being used for the connection, but throughout the body. In this sense, for example I have come to have up to 40 degrees of fever days before giving Akáshic healing courses, because it is something that it’s liked very little, due, that we learn to deal with these types of entities. Without reaching these extremes, the most common symptoms of these attacks are the sudden sleep, the heaviness of the eyelids, fatigue, the desire to vomit, dizziness and discomfort, while we are meditating or channeling. It is solved by learning to recognize the symptoms, to protect ourselves energetically and to block these attacks.

Anchoring and attaching negative entities

Like the above but more subtle. In this case they are simply entities anchored to us, the same ones that come to use our energy as sustenance. If the moment we start meditating, channeling, reading logs, doing healings, etc., we have one of these coupled or hooked, the distortion is assured, as they will be able to block or distort so much what comes through our chakras and higher bodies, such as blocking or changing the energetic field of the arm if we are using a pendulum or a Ouija board. It is solved by asking “trap” questions to know who is giving us the information, if it is true, the evolutionary level of the entity to which we channel, its polarity, etc. You have to be “ready” in the sense that they energetically “read” the questions we ask and try to respond as they think we expect the answer. Hence the cheating questions to discover that it really is not your guide or your Higher Self, but an entity anchored to your aura. It is the most difficult to discern, because they are literally “inside” of our energetic system.

Third-party energy attack

It is not the most common, but obviously there are people who know how to handle all kinds of energies and use them for all kinds of manipulations. If someone is able to direct against your projections that causes disruption and interference in your energetic system, and if it is on purpose to avoid anything you’re doing, anything you receive or channel may be completely distorted.

Channelings from “Satellite”

If someday you get to become famous and you get to channel in public, or do things like this, I assure you that you can happen to literally “put” in your head the voices you hear. In fact, there are some channelers (many “organic portals”) whose information comes directly from what the elite who are moving the threads want to be disseminated to the masses. It may seem science fiction that from a satellite send a channel, but unfortunately the reality exceeds a thousand times to fiction. By many prophecies, signs and messages to save the humanity that come to you, and however clear they are and many wings that have the angels that appear to you, you have to use a critical discernment and not take anything for good without first dissecting,investigate, corroborate, etc., everything you can.

Individualized “HAARP” attacks

Finally, if you are becoming a public danger to the powers of the world, instead of being an entity or entities that send you their small psychic attack, those powers of the world will have no problem in sending their own disruption type “HAARP”. You can point the energy attack to a person from any type of transmitter to the radius of a single room, and even get to focus directly to the person who channels or does something of this sort. Again, I guess we’re not so important or so dangerous for us to be the victim of these attacks, yet you don’t know. It is enough that you start to touch sensitive issues so that a light bulb lights up on the “drivers” screen indicating another potential danger to the system.

In summary

Knowledge protects. Things are like that and denying it only leads us to close our eyes before evidences so palpable that we can be manipulated to receive a certain type of message or the energy connection is being distorted without us realizing, at best , or they are attacking us energetically at the worst of them. Like everything, learning to recognize things for what they are, studying the symptoms, using critical thinking, analysis and common sense, as well as learning all kinds of protection techniques, etc., are our guns to defend ourselves.