Following the second part of the conference Anchoring 4D when we talked about the vibration frequency and timelines, different people asked me if due to changes in the resonance frequency of each over the length of the day, this meant that we oscillated in a few hours between several of those timelines and realities that co-exist on our planet.

If you have seen the video of the last encounter we had where we were talking about the energies that nourish the human being and how they combine to form a base that we call “hydrogen” whose octane indicates the quality of it and which has an impact on our vibration frequency, you will have understood that over the course of a day, a person can vary its frequency from very low parameters, 4-6 hz to very high ones 12-15 hz, depending on whether the combination of events, energies and mental or emotional states make you feel tired, low and despondent, or content, happy and full.

These changes make you resonate with one type of reality or another by varying your resonance or vibration frequency, and this translates into an anchorage to a timeline of the different ones that co-exist at this moment in our planetary sphere on a physical level. Knowing this, the question repeats itself: does it mean that throughout the day I can go from the ideal timeline if I am vibrating at 15 hz and then go down to the more negative timeline if I am vibrating at 4 hz?

The importance of internal vibration

As I told you in that other article about the attachment of one timeline to another, it is not necessarily correct that the personal vibration is what determines your attachment to a particular line and reality, but that vibration is not only the external vibration that varies with the ups and downs of the physical, emotional and mental body, but with the “internal vibration” which is the “vibration of your inner self,” of your inner self that fluctuates much less than the vibration of your energy system.

Obviously one thing is connected to the other. The light, the energy and the vibration that you possess at the level of the “heart” where our inferior spiritual center dwells, inside the fourth chakra, depends on the connection that we have with it, with our Higher Self and with our SUPRA-BEING, in addition to all the influences that it receives from everything that happens to the body that it occupies, which is that exterior vibration that affects our psychic and physical well-being. But the fact that you have had a bad day, for example, and that your energetic resonance has varied greatly, does not have to have repercussions in taking you out of the timeline you are in if your peace, tranquility and inner consciousness has not been altered.

When I told you in that article that I had gone from vibrating or being anchored from the main line to the third line perceived in those moments, it was because not only the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion of the work of the conferences hit me a tremendous drop in all senses, but because that drop led me to disconnect from my being in a conscious or unconscious way, and there was the drop of “inner vibration” that took me out of the line and reality in which I had been.

Now, recovered from fatigue and recovered energies, etc., one returns to work to reconnect again and to feel that peace and tranquility, that feeling of being connected to oneself and to reconnect with the highest and most positive lines.

Maintaining inner calm and harmony

One guide said that this is a learning process, learning to stay on a positive timeline in spite of external events that try to get us out of it, and that we have to find a balance in ourselves, that even if we are involved in a maelstrom of daily events or tasks that affect us externally, Within our “space”, referring to our heart as the entrance to it, or the fourth chakra as an energetic point, there is a place of peace, serenity, harmony and joy, and thus, one maintains a connection with the chosen reality and does not let go of it by many ups and downs that are lived on the outside.

Basically, it is the vibration of the “light” that each of us carries within, which makes it possible for us to remain connected to our inner self, our being and our space of peace and tranquility, despite the circumstances that surround us. Therefore, the anchoring to one line or another does not depend only on the structure of the personality and the state of the auric field of the moment, but on the internal vibration of each one, although it is related and it is also the external vibration that can make us fluctuate slightly that state of calm and harmony.

Enhance the connection with your SUPRA-BEING and your Higher Self

The conscious work to raise that vibration, and here it applies to both the exterior and interior, goes through those little tips or ideas that I commented on in the conference, at the end of the second part, from taking care of the physical aspect to taking care of the emotional, from cultivating the connection with the being to empowering everything that makes us happy, leaving aside everything that robs us of that peace and harmony.

This same guide said that, in those non-physical planes, it caused them joy to see how people opened up more and more to this inner connection, and how in people’s psyches, when they were impacted by the energies that came in, blockages, beliefs were removed and we freed ourselves from shells, which made us grow. As I said a few days ago in the article about working with these energies in a conscious way, there is a great opportunity open for the intensification of personal change, the connection with the SUPRA-BEING from which we came and the creation of that inner space of love and unalterable peace. Many people are going to get out of the cage of the psyche because we will have the opportunity to expand and we have to remember that, these changes, even if they are perceived as “annoying”, so they can come to stir us up internally (physically, emotionally or mentally, each one sui generis), are catalysts and triggers for people to wake up and ask themselves what is beyond the daily routine and what life really is, and then, with the effort and work that you want to do from here in a conscious way, you come to connect with your inner self and come to raise that vibration to connect with the main timeline that leads you directly to the evolutionary step when you touch.

This year 2014 there will be millions of people who will suffer this small initial awakening, others will climb one more step in theirs and it is one more step, for a process that has not been reversed for a long time.