Yesterday, I was in the city of Igualada (Barcelona) giving a small conference about the processes of conscious manifestation and the nature of reality, based on the course I am regularly conducting on the subject. It was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to making known these things. Taking advantage of the conference, the newspaper La Veu de l’Anoia made me a mini interview that I present to you. The original version is coming soon in Catalan, so in the meantime I leave you below the interview translated. Thanks to Noelia, from the diary, for that.

Noelia: Since when do you devote yourself to the study of alternative therapies and the development of our innate spiritual skills? Where does this interest come from for those things that we do not see at first sight?

David: “Officially” about three or four years ago that I do it publicly, when after learning, experimenting and testing many aspects in my own life I realized that they helped me, opened doors or served me to solve energy blocks, conflicts, problems and other things.

N: How powerful is the mind?

D: Infinitely powerful, from my point of view, but restricted by all kind of limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, mental programming to which we have been subject since childhood, beliefs imposed by the collective unconscious, the media, education, society, etc. Once it is clean of all those filters, programs and negative thinking forms, one realizes the existing potential not only in the mind, but also in all the components of our energy system.

N: What is reality? Is it physical? Is it transmutable? How is it created?

D: Waves, energies. Everything that exists is nothing more than energy, which we can mould. Everything in the universe, all creation, is energy in different states, vibrating at a certain frequency. The concept of vibrating at a certain frequency is like saying that what vibrates or resonates at low frequency is more solid, and what vibrates very fast, at a very high frequency, is more “ethereal”. The smallest part of an atom is pure energy, and it also vibrates at a specific frequency. Quantum physics tells us that the smaller particles that constitute the smallest parts of the atom do not even exist as such but are in a “wave” state and only collapse into something “physical” when someone observes them. That is to say, that not even the central core on which our reality is built is something physical, solid and tangible, it only becomes something “physical” when it is “observed”, meanwhile, it is nothing but a pure energy wave that offers multiple possibilities to manifest itself in one way or another, depending on what other energy interacts with it. A rock, a flower or Saturn, we all are made up of the same energy, the very same waves that constitute the primary components of atoms, which collapse in a more or less solid state, each with its specific vibratory frequency, but maintaining the same basic component: that energy core. Just as our physical body is energy with certain characteristics (trillions of atoms organized in cells, organs and others), which has taken a certain shape, our thoughts and feelings emit energy at a certain frequency.

N: How many levels of reality exist from your point of view?

D: As many as people exist, because each person has its own, i.e., if we consider that the whole of what we are, the energy and the physical system, has a frequency base resonance, and that base frequency is the one that determines the level of reality in which we are, each one has his own. What happens is that we all share a common level of reality, we all see the green grass and the blue sky, but there are infinite sublevels. An example of your level of resonance would be for example living in one of the most conflicting neighbourhoods in your city, but if your level of “reality” is not in line with that global common level, for you it will be the safest neighbourhood in the world. Never, or almost never, you will interact with levels that are too much below than yours (talking about frequencies) or those who are too much above, we always move in situations and events that resonate more or less at the same frequency as we resonate or vibrate in a generic way.

N: What is the Attraction Law? How can we use it for our day to day?

D: We all have heard that we can generate the reality that we want, that it only depends on ourselves, thoughts and emotions, the correct use of all the methods that we have at our disposal. A priori and in theory, to build the reality that one wants is not difficult, however, it is not something that it can be achieved without an almost complete knowledge of all the aspects involved in the creation process, such as understanding what the reality in itself is, how and why do we perceive what we perceive, the complete process of energetic transmutation that converts a wave into something physical or the obstacles that prevent us from creating what we want and the tools that we have at our disposal to create our “perfect” life, whatever it is that we dream to have.

It is not about learning a visualization technique and that’s all, it is about diving in all aspects of conscious and unconscious creation (very important) in order to integrate them into our daily life and to be able of using many tools and controlling the power of our energy system to generate and attract through the vibration we emit, what we want. The Attraction Law, explained in depth, is much more complex than the mere fact that we must have positive thoughts to attract a positive reality. There are many more parameters to study, understand and master, and then you must mould with different techniques those energies and vibrations so that the Attraction Law works at full capacity in our favour.

N: Wouldn’t that be like being optimistic?

Optimism is a mood state that generates an energetic pattern, which can “manifest” or put us in a state of “attraction” of what we emit, but it is of no use being optimistic at a mental level, if you are then emotionally emitting a “wave” that says you don’t deserve this or that. That is, we can attract towards us or generate things that resonate with the same type of “energy” we project, but if at a mind level you’re thinking one thing and at an emotional level you are emitting another different thing, there is no effect. In addition to that, there are the energy blocks at the level of chakras or of the subtle bodies, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, the internal projections of the subconscious, the manipulations of the ego… This is not something “simple.”

N: In what way does our mind state affect our future?

D: More than the mind state, the actions you generate with that mind state. Your future depends on your actions of the present, so if you make decisions while being in a negative mood, the events you are going to generate in your timeline will not probably be exactly as you wanted. If you execute actions or make decisions in a serene, positive, calm mood, you will probably be able to build a timeline that is much more beneficial for you.

N: Is it possible to build our reality alone with the strength of our thoughts? It seems hard to believe it because if it were so easy, life would not be so hard and we would all live happy and fully satisfied, in accordance with their desires, there would not be wars, hunger, unemployment… how do you explain that?

D: As I said, it is not that simple, thousands of factors are influencing. The most important of them is the collective unconscious, which dictates what we think and generate without realizing it most of the time, since people generate their daily reality through the subconscious in many cases, which collects what it captures from this collective unconscious (which is nothing else but the sum of all the minds of the planet.). Emit day and night the word “crisis” on TV and you will see how everyone starts thinking about it and feeling it, then you will see how everyone starts generating realities that manifest this crisis. Emit energies of concern, and you will see that the collective unconscious is filled up with concern, and people attract it to their lives.

N: What are the obstacles that do not allow us to move forward and get what we want?

Dozens of them. Think about that there are many steps through which “generic” waves (for example waves of the concept of abundance) must carry to become something that represents abundance for us: Our DNA, the chakras, the emotional and mental bodies of the energy system, etc. When one of those steps is blocked, or runs halfway, the process of individual energy transmutation suffers very much to manifest something, if it does.

N: What therapies or exercises do you recommend in order to work our mind in harmony with our desires?

Energetic cleansing 100% of the chakras, aura, “mental” cleaning, i.e. out fears, worries, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage. Be clear about what you want, understanding the process of energy transmutation 100%, that goes far beyond the simple Attraction Law.

N: Do you think that as humans we are prepared to create our perfect reality? At what point do you think we are?

I don’t think there’s a perfect reality. There are always lessons and learning, so each of you live the reality needed to complete the growth process. Many of the things that happen to us, we attract them because we need them to grow, other times because we have generated an energy block that emits a vibration or frequency that should not be there. The perfect reality depends on the evolutionary path of each, so when you understand how you can clear that path and how you can free yourself from those “realities” that do not fit into your life, you can move forward more easily through everything that you need to move forward.

N: Depending on the terrible reality surrounding us (economic crisis, unemployment, wars, death, destruction of nature, climate changes, etc.) are we condemned as humans? Is there any other solution beyond the mind?

D: It would take a book to explain why we are as we are, but it is related to the manipulation of reality on a big scale, and the planet’s collective unconscious. Modify the collective unconscious, make us to emit it and to receive it in line with our desires of peace, happiness, harmony, etc., and the planet would manifest a very different reality. But there are many powers and obstacles to it. I do not believe that there is still a critical mass of enough people to see the manipulation and control mechanisms to which we are clearly exposed in order to be able to change them.

N: I imagine that you are aware of the existence of many people very incredulous about these topics, what would you tell them?

To learn and experience in their own lives. Knowledge protects, gives alternatives, and teaches thinking and providing tools. May they learn as much as they can about the world in which they live and why the reality in which we exist is as it is. In fact, statistically, by pure mathematics, in a “normal” world, the events, actions, situations, experiences, etc., at the global level, should lead to obtaining approximately 50% of positive events and 50% of negative events. If humanity itself, as it seems we all do, tend to generate and work to generate positive elements in our lives, which would undoubtedly have repercussion at the global level, we could probably live on a planet where 70-80% of what happens would have a “good things” label. However, we agree that it is rather the opposite, isn’t it?

N. Sant Jordi arrives soon, what book would you recommend?

If you permit me, I recommend my book “The Power of Intuition”, because it is my own research about these topics, and they go much more in depth what we are talking about.

Thank you very much David!