Last night I completed the second session of the album Discovery. As we are still in the preliminaries, learning how to develop the techniques, breathe correctly, etc., there is no “mystic” or “transcendental” experience in this part. But it will come. We have to go step by step, increasing the level of consciousness (that is to say, deepening the state of consciousness) every time, but in due time.

Focus 10 is the second “base” level after Focus 3. The goal of the session is to relax your body into a state of deep sleep while your mind is deeply awake to its highest level. The half hour consists of a complete journey through each of the muscles of the body, making them relax completely, so that you really get to sleep, without being asleep. Although yesterday it didn’t happen to me, I remember in previous occasions hearing a small snore while following the instructions, but after a while I realized that it was me! My body had fallen asleep but my mind was not, it was awake and aware of everything.

Getting to Focus 10 is just a matter of practice, it’s about learning to relax physically, and everyone who practices yoga or meditation regularly knows that when you have been doing it for some time, you can relax your body completely in just a few minutes. This is beneficial to get rid of daily stress and also for a quick recovery of the body from fatigue by being in a deep sleep. A technique that always serves us, at any time.