“I can’t” It’s one of the most used phrases by all of us for anything. I can’t afford this, I can’t do that thing, I can’t go there, I can’t change here… I can’t. But “I can’t” is a tremendously disheartening, debilitating and counterproductive phrase, for it sends a powerful “message” of ourselves, towards ourselves, which ends up provoking an unconscious feeling of powerlessness we are not aware of.

“I Can’t”. That’s a strong statement. As every affirmation has an “energy power” over us, which manifests precisely what we are proclaiming. “I can’t now” nor is it better, because “now” denotes every moment we live, and maintains the same debilitating power only that also applied to every moment of our life.

Vocabulary Change

One of the things I teach in my coaching processes is to change the vocabulary. “I can’t” can be transformed into phrases that are less “harmful”. For example, “I can not afford this” it is not really true, surely there is a formula and an action plan that, well applied, can make you get it, even if it requires a change of strategy, or even on the way you manage your life. So “yes, you can”. It’s always possible although it could be difficult. In any case, there are times when we “will do better” or not, it’ll be “more convenient” or “less convenient”, it will be more difficult, requiring more time or more effort, but there is an abysmal difference between convenience or difficulty in getting something and a categorical denial.

Investing in You

Sometimes to move forward you have to go back. To climb the ladder that leads to our goal you have to go down some steps, take impulse and then jump four steps at a stroke. The impulse we give ourselves comes when we allow ourselves to improve any aspect of our life by investing in us.

Investing in you is the only way to never lose, because you are the only safe value you have. Invest in learning something you need, invest in healing what you have to heal in yourself, invest in knowledge, invest in skills, invest in personal growth, invest in getting fit and improve your mood, invest in your relationships and your self-esteem, invest in love, etc. Do everything that benefits you, because like the “I can’t”, the “invest and take care of me” is another powerful message. If you take care of yourself, it means that you value and respect yourself. And projecting that image of value and respect in the world is priceless. What comes back is the same thousand times amplified.

Let yourself help and help others

Investing in you means also letting yourself be helped, knowing and recognizing that the exchange of value and time between people is the most effective tool. You have skills and knowledge, and I nurture from them (be it paying for a service, a course, etc., for an exchange of favors, time, etc.). I have some skills, a knowledge and something to offer, I use it to serve others in the same way. You can live from it, of course, it is the basic philosophy of abundance: to receive money as a currency for a value offered.

Change the I can’t by “I’ll find a way to do it” and the “I never do anything for myself” by a “I constantly re-invest all I can in myself”. You’ll see in a short time that abysmal change of life philosophy and quality.