Most people have spent time, in some moment or another of their lives, trying to understand which is the relationship between free-will and fate, if there is one, trying to find the balance to the question if the events coming up in our life are pre-arranged or, on the contrary, all depend on our own decisions.

For me, the explanation that most resonates inside as true is the one that I expose next::

1. Events chosen before birth.

If you do not believe in reincarnation what I explain is beyond all understanding.

After having died, one finds oneself in the higher planes, not physical ones, having to review his life and his actions. Have we accomplished what we set out for this life? Have we learned what we wanted to learn? Our soul makes a review of the facts and learned lessons and prepares the new “study and action plan” for next incarnation. We choose our parents according to their qualities and social situation and according to the environment in which we believe is more convenient to be born in order to carry out the plans that we set out. We also choose companions and the most important people in our life who will accompany us along it by drafting with them all sorts of agreements and contracts to help each other out once “in the flesh”.

Our Higher Self (part of what we are together with our consciousness, soul, essence) chooses the situations and events that we will have to go through no matter what to carry out our new purpose and these are arranged so they end up coming to us at key moments in our lives. These events are PREDESTINED and are the pillars that will allow us to evaluate, at the end of this new incarnation if we have learned and done that we set out to do or not.

2. The path of life and free will

The most appropriate way to represent our life resembles a labyrinth with multi-options. There is an entrance (when we are born) and an exit (when we die). Our Higher Self will put in our way pre-arranged events (the red dots) and will guide us so we can reach them and overcome them. How long it takes and what way we choose to go from one place to another is up to us (free-will). Depending on our actions and decisions, our Higher Self will make adjustments, so that according to the route we take, these important events of our life end up coming to us in one way or another. That is, the red points will move depending on our decisions.


3. To move forward or not is your own choice.

One can live stages of the road where you are so comfortable that you may decide that this is where you want to stay. There is no problem as it is our decision and we will be the one who will assess at the end if it was a good decision or not. What we do not fulfill in this life will remain for the next one (if we so decide). In any case, those we call our guides and our Higher Self will always be sending signals and pushing us in a certain way (there is a certain limit in how much they can influence the physical plane, because their energy is much finer and because our free-will is above it) so that we can fulfil what we proposed when we reincarnated.

4. Synchronicities and signs.

If we pay attention to our life, we will start to note coincidences, things that happen randomly at the most appropriate moment. This is called synchronicity, and they are events and situations set to help us move towards our goals. If we pay attention to the signals, we will arrive quickly and easily to all red dots. If we ignore them (or we do not realize), we may spend more time finding dead ends or take a longer route than we could have done, to get from one point to another. In order to know how to recognize the signals, we have to be simply attentive to those intuitions, to those people we suddenly come across and who tell us this or that, to those books that reach our hands, etc. There are a thousand ways to receive a message. The more we learn to recognize them, the more patent they are, and more often we are capable of recognizing them. The second part consists in acting accordingly. It is useless to be indicated and advised where to go if then we take the opposite way.

5. All decisions are good

The fact of making a decision is already something positive. There is no bad decision, as not deciding implies not moving from the point of labyrinth in which we find ourselves. Therefore, no matter which decision we make, it will always be correct. When we are in front of a crossroads, of two or more different paths, it is very possible that more than more than one decision is good to reach our objectives (to reach an important red dot), and that others make us to go around, but our Higher Self will help us to come across, in whichever road we are, the lessons we must overcome.


In summary

If we understand life as a way forward, with a series of objectives designed in advance by ourselves before being born and with free will to decide how to reach them, then one understands the need to clearly understand what those objectives are, what is our mission in this life and how can we learn to read the signs that will bring us closer to the most important events that we have to go through. Whatever our objective in this life, the important thing is to always keep going, enjoying the path, and when things don’t go well, stop and wonder if it is that we have arrived, in our particular labyrinth, to a point where we must walk back a little and take another path. In anycase, new surprises and new lessons await us at each crossroads, and sometimes the obstacles are only small hurdles for us to learn to jump, since behind them there is a much better situation.