Reality is an illusion each of us decodes, according to our mental patterns which tell us “this is this” and “that is that”, even when another person, seeing the same, understands it differently. Reality, what we perceive as the external world, what is outside, is nothing more than an “holographic” projection of electromagnetic waves, energy and thinking (see Michael Talbot book, The Holographic Universe)

The atom is nothing more than pure energy, with huge “empty” areas between its nucleus and the electrons orbiting around it. I don’t believe there is something less “solid” that an atom, and even so, the atom is itself the key factor of our reality construction. Why are things solid? They are solid because our mind, through our senses, tell us they are like that, because we have always learnt they are this way and because we live in a common reality in which we can´t walk through walls and fire burns.

What is reality?

Reality is rather a subjective word. Reality is created by each of us according to our thinking, our frequency and our individual vibration, attracting towards us that we resonate with. The reality “out there” matches 100% with our inner reality and not the other way round. The outside world can´t be changed without changing our inner world. However, that is what “they” have made us believe. Those who “know” the secret, are those “up there” and are those who intend to maintain the illusion that when the external world changes we can change ourselves. This is false. It is an illusion.

The reality in which all the human beings of the planet live in, is a global agreement based on a collective unconscious projection to maintain the mental state in which we are made to believe things are as they are and we can´t change them. This collective projection is the sum of all the realities created by all the minds of the planet. For that purpose, news media keeps us in a state of constant anxiety, alert and fearful, so that we, together, generate, unconsciously, such an external reality and the world turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy

When the idea that everything in the world is going downhill is implanted inside the mind of millions of persons, the world starts to go wrong, because the energetic vibration of anxiety, fear and other low level emotions generated by millions of mental bodies, can’t create anything different than the reality of low level of fear and anxiety.

Living an imposed reality

There are people interested in this been the world’s reality. Controlling the planet through the submission of the masses is what has been happening for many years and it has not been until recently that we have started to wake up from this macro-manipulation. What for? So that those who know the way the real world works, can use the universal laws in their favor, to accumulate and control all the resources and power for their own use. Eventually I have understood that the motivation behind power is the pleasure of power and control for its own sake, more than money for money, as I consider it a poor reason to build such a global control system just to accumulate wealth. However, what is undeniable is that the reality a small group is interested in, is imposed to the rest of us and as of today, we have not been able to escape from it. We are leaving aside, for the moment, that this human control system has players from other levels we don’t see and do not belong to this planet, and yet are those who pull the strings.

Creating your own reality

If all of us were conscious that our self is capable of creating the reality of its desire in the same way a child plays with a mold of clay, modeling a figure to their liking, there wouldn’t be any force capable of manipulating us. The individual consciousness, who is aware of the rules of the game, can’t be controlled and manipulated because it doesn’t give its power to those out there asking us to trust them (politicians, firms, banks, management systems of all types), but rather we would control our own reality creating the external world we desire. In the same moment in which millions of persons throughout the planet broke through the actual manifestation fence created by the collective unconscious as a result of the constant image and message bombardment implanted in the subconscious of each of us, we would be free, we would see far beyond the fear and anxiety of struggling to make ends meet, get sick or pay the mortgage.

They don’t want this to happen. This is the underlying reason behind the increasingly aggressive global campaigns around pandemics, crises, confrontations, conflicts, etc., with the aim of keeping the population at bay. A problem is created, the population is made believe there is a problem, a solution is offered and a new reality is implanted inside the collective conscience: the “A flu” is dangerous, it is necessary to be vaccinated; the world is going through an economic crisis and everything is going wrong; the planet is dying, the world is a place of violence…all of this becomes a reality, because the vast majority of the minds of the planet internalize it and thus, manifest it.

By doing this, they keep us all in a state of lethargy, of inferiority, of submission, while for those who have implanted this idea with their campaigns and viruses, the world goes extremely well, there is no such thing as a crises and they never get sick. But this, obviously, never appear in the news.

The body as a programmed computer

The reality we see out there is nothing more than the decoding our senses perceive, the information received through our sight, energy in the way of light or sound, which enters through our eyes and ears, but it is only processed by our brain and mind. The brain and mind are the ones which understand this burns or that is cold, this hurts and that is delicious. For that reason, hypnosis works so well, it can tell the mind this sensation or information perceived does not match with what our mind would usually associate it to, but, rather, to something else. You are eating a banana, but you tell your mind it is spinach. And the person under hypnosis would swear he is eating spinach.

The brain is a kind of hardware, the computer CPU and the mind is a collection of programs installed on us on the mental body. It can be manipulated, programmed, reprogrammed, virus may be installed and implants of all types are really common. Your outside reality is what your mind makes you believe it is, according to your programming (beliefs, limitations, associations) and that is the reality, your mind, in turn, will broadcast to the outside via the pineal gland and it would be an endless loop, because it will be the reality you will attract towards you, again and again.

See far beyond

I only know a way of “waking up” and, somewhat, is basically been aware of the manipulation; that television advertisements have the aim of keeping you in a state of consumerism and with subliminal messages in the 99% of the cases so that your subconscious keeps and retains a certain message which suits those who rule the roost. News in mass media are aimed to keep you in a permanent state of worry and alert, sometimes even more subtle, in the way of dualism, confrontation, so that people can’t escape from this catastrophic and troublesome view of life, in order that this is the reality we project to others when we go out into the street, and the reality we continue creating, and in which we live.

The world is an illusion

The world out there is an illusion. It is no more than a reflection of your inner world together with the world created by the collective mind of humanity’s subconscious. Wake up. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Don´t go along with the reality created and implanted by those who know everything is false, but don’t want you to know. The critical mass of people who are starting to see the total deceit to which all of us is subdued to, is so big that very soon the collective reality would be able to change and with it, little by little, those who are not aware of their personal realities would, in some way, contribute to the creation of another world, as seeing that things “are going well” will implant this belief in their subconscious and will create a reality in which things “are going well”

But first of all, it is necessary that many of us force this change, otherwise, after the flu campaign or the problem whatever, another thing will come, and then another, with the aim of blocking out people awakening to the awareness of this deceit to which we are permanently subdued to.

The control can be broken

“Up there”, on the “management seats” they are desperate. A critical mass in the planet is starting to wake up; they no longer react so much to the subliminal messages and see beyond the deceit. The “A flu” vaccine, as countless others medicins, foods and physical elements has components aimed to delay the process of “awareness” as much as possible, to break to the extent possible, the body and mind mechanisms that contribute to awaken consciousness. The microchip they tested in many discos for many years, was inserted in the arm so that you needn’t pay when you were inside and consumed (the microchip contained your personal data and account balance, and this data was read by a scanner) is but a way of implanting systems which cut off electrically and energetically the awakening process and help manipulate our bodies, provides new means of control and monitoring of people, and get us used to the idea of implanted technology. And, if they don’t succeed one way they would try another.

Be aware that your entire world is an illusion. Everything is a “hologram” your brain creates and processes according to the information you receive. Change the system of processing this information and your world will change. Create your own reality and make it be the reality in which you live. Let’s break the matrix in which they have put us in. I don’t know if there is a blue pill for it, but what I am sure of is we can’t sit and wait until somebody offers it to us.