One of the most common causes for “Ambiguous answers” in all kinds of channelings and readings and meditations with any tool, is about questions not being concrete enough. At least, I have learned through experience and as a lesson in therapeutic of Akashic healing, and I realized, by reading things one finds around, it is probable that other people are going through the same.

Another vision of reality

When you connect with your Higher Self, guides or any other entity we can call “Of a greater evolutionary order, in the polarity of service to others, and we ask them questions, we do not realize and we think that they keep clarity, that they have present at all times what we mean, and what we are thinking and the full implication of our questions. At least that is what I believed, that the “source” to which I accessed to research anything, was going to answer from my perspective and not from “their perspective”. For example, something as silly as asking for our name and being answered with a “ I do not know which one you are referring to” How is it that you do not know which one I am referring to? and it turns out the right question is “What is my name XXXX in this Incarnation?” It might seem like a silly thing but if to this simple question does not come a clear and direct answer, imagine about asking more ambiguous things.

Concrete and detail to obtain concrete and detailed answers

Another example: When you ask “Am I going to get a job?” or “Am I going to find a partner?” Turns out you are being answered with a clear YES and as months go by nothing happens. Oh they said from higher above “You did not ask correctly” In this case to obtain a concrete answer the right question is “Is there a 90% chance for me to find a job in this timeline in which I exist at this moment in less than a month?” If that gets a YES, you can be sure that it is practically a reality. What a difference, right?

Why? because all questions have multiple answers, the future is not casted in stone and because there are multiple realities and time lines of which we are not conscious, in which a right answer for us, in our reality, will not be correct. Every Higher Self, or guide perceives ALL possibilities, ALL possible timelines, all parallel realities in which a question can refer to, they might perceive what you are referring to, but by experience, they answer EXACTLY the question you are asking. If that answer is too open, vague or not very concrete. And then we create in our minds a movie that we put together because they have told us something that happens to be happening or is going to happen on another plane of reality or that it had a very low probability of happening, and therefore, it does not happen.

Good questions, good answers.

Only learning to ask good questions, you will obtain good answers. If you ask if the world is ending in 2012 and you get a yes, well, imagine what could happen. Your Higher Self understands “the world ending” as an event, perception or concept that is not even close to what is on your mind after watching the “2012” movie. But you are already preaching to the winds that your spiritual guide or your favorite ascended master has confirmed the end of the world. I have learned through all these years to ask more elaborated and detailed questions, now I’m obtaining more concrete answers, but I also, went through that previous phase of asking open and ambiguous questions, and, of course they did not understand by far what I was asking and answered something that seemed similar to what I really wanted to know . As in everything, it is a learning process, everything is a lesson.