When in the Akashic healing courses, in the blog articles, or in the discussion forum we talk about “psychic attacks” we don’t always have to keep in mind tremendous energetic movements that leave you “K.O.” physically, which also occur, and are as real as a punch in the stomach, but that is not usually the first resort to use if there are other ways to persuade the person to stop doing what he/she is doing. I speak directly of what we call entities of higher order STS, because the small entities or energetic parasites that we are hooked every now and then, when they do it only with the purpose of nourishing themselves energetically from us, and I speak from my experience, so that the Examples that I give are for myself, although I have corroborated with other colleagues and seen that the pattern or method is the same in many cases.

Everyone is a potential victim

Being “victim” of any kind of psychic attack is the result that, at some level, you have turn on some light in the control system under which we live (the “hyperdimensional”). Be it for your personal work, your polarization, your contribution, your mission, your struggle to disconnect, your potential for disconnecting others, your capabilities, your research for information, you’re a potential danger, etc. There are thousands of reasons why each one of us, at some point in our lives, we are temporarily targeted with a little more attention from the structures that controls us. However, following the STS ( service to oneself) philosophy of always seeking the path of least resistance, and given the inability to intervene physically (not being able to materialize to break an arm, or at least not directly), work is always done at the level of, “mental” or “Psychic” intervention in the sense that the open and present ways in the individual are exploited to try to be converted, or enhance, the negative polarity or self-service that we are all incorporated to a large extent.

Deterrence and conversion to STS mode

What does this mean? Simply that ideas appear in your mind, like in thoughts, conjectures, doubts, etc., about the work or function you are doing. Whatever your contribution or what you are doing, if it goes against STS philosophy, you are subtly dissuaded from doing so, increasing exponentially any loophole in your perception of your work. You get the idea of quitting because there are things that can give you more “benefits”: materially, financially, socially, fame, power, etc., in other more “normal” areas of society. Obviously, you see that all that means power are the ideas associated with the first three chakras and their associated areas of life, and also, all aimed at increasing the polarity of service to oneself, and to enhance the self-importance of the person.

I consider myself an entrepreneur (not only I am an engineer by profession, I also have assembled a company and built many projects with which I have enjoyed), my struggle was during a lot of time to placate the thoughts of wanting to leave all this path and return to the world of “business” where we would obviously obtain more money, more “power”, more… Etc. The power they have to project these thoughts into us is enormous, and not apparent. I mean, not only do I have a huge interest in assembling new things, creating projects, etc., but I also enjoy doing it. The point is that I want to be in the field of “Research of the Unseen World”, of issues regarding personal growth, and not in the world of big business and corporations, but my passion is there, so it can be used and distorted perfectly. My long sleepless nights during the six months I spent preparing the conference were, in part due to the stress of it, partly to the doubts that constantly assaulted me and invited me to let it go and do something else.

Important, do not stop self analyzing

How did I notice? Every time I tried to leave everything and do something else, nothing came out. My close circle has heard me say once in a while that I wanted to go back to work as an engineer to disconnect a bit of this world, and then realize that all the doors were closed in that direction before I even took a physical step or in that direction. Something from my Higher Self. Fortunately, based on a simple repeated observation of the same situation over and over again, I have realized that when I have the desire to change from a professional to a more “normal” one, I am being a victim of an attack. When I realize, having knowledge of cause, the attack ceases and these doubts or fears disappear. And they do it all of a sudden and in ipso facto. Until the next time I’m with the guard down and we start again.

Plan B, boost negative emotions

When the path of least resistance does not work, that is, when you try to let go what you are doing, then it goes to plan B, which basically consists, at least in my experience, in promoting all the fears and concerns you have in your energy system. Again, they can’t create anything out of nothing, so what they do is they scan your emotional and mental body and see what can be used as a weapon against you. That’s when any little negative emotion you have in your mind is greatly magnified, whatever it is, and the range is wide. Again, only self-observation saves you from walking upside down, because when you notice that you start to feel in this or that way, and you do not find a reason for it, you can start to suspect that something external may be influencing. Obviously, I use the Akashic healing techniques, so at the minimum feeling and wonder what’s going on, I identify the negative emotion, and the work. As you can see, I do nothing absolutely related to the possible entity that I may be attack me, nor “do I send light” (since you have not been asked for it, which would violate their free will, which would polarize me more in the STS mode, that is what I want to avoid and what precisely I want to achieve with the attack), I neither get angry or bounce, or anything like that, but I try to work with the resource they have used in myself. And I begin to heal more my fears, worries, limiting beliefs, etc., so that they do not have where to hold on.

Paradoxical as it may seem, it is a great form of personal growth, simply because you realize that the emotion they have chosen to empower and do you “harm” is probably the most important that I have to work at that time, being the biggest blockage in my personal development. Things are coming out that you didn’t even knew you had (on a conscious level, and that you didn’t know since when you’ve been dragging them): Fear of abandonment, fear of not wanting, fear of loneliness, fear of not being happy, fear of losing everything, fear of this , fear of that, etc., etc. Imagine these little sensations elevated to their maximum power, given to you in a smooth way, without eating them or drinking them.

Plan C, physical distortions

Finally, when this does not work either, since you have not only discovered the “attack” but on top of that you have gone crazy to heal energetically what they had used to provoke it, plan C is the most “dangerous”, in the sense that here if the energy “punch” already comes. As I mentioned in other articles, a psychic attack uses extreme low frequency waves that affect your nervous system, so they can cause fevers, vomiting, headaches, etc. Nor can not do anything if there is no loophole or problem, however small, that can turn upside down. That is, a 100% “healthy” physical body (which no one has) is an insurmountable wall because there would be nothing that could distort or negatively influence (normally this work is done by entities of a higher order, in many cases). Here, what I have suffered is mainly high fever, but the subject of vomiting, dizziness, or several pains I have seen in people of my circle who also have their function and work on these matters.

As always, everything is a learning

The most important lesson of all this is that they can only use for those attacks the distortions present in us, understanding as distortion everything that takes us from a balance and perfect balance at all levels: physical, psychic, emotional, mental or energetic. All of you have suffered at some point in your life the manipulations of the first type that I have told you, they are the most common, since all of us at one time or another have been working towards the service to others. The more you polarize on that path, the more you try to bring yourself back to service. Since we all have doubts and concerns, we see normal the fact that at one time or another they are strengthened or have more strength, what we do not know is that in many cases this force is nothing other than one or several entities of the “controlling” group by elevating the potentiometer or energy that feeds them to try to cut that action or polarization of service to other. The key is to know oneself, be constantly observant and have handy a tool to solve those distortions that make us vulnerable to these external influences.