There comes a time when watching television becomes a high risk sport, I say this because of the contents and tone of each and every newscasts covering the “economic” crisis we’re in. The way we are being bombarded to keep us under control is mind-boggling, spreading mass psychosis with threats that things are getting worse. I thought this form of social manipulation only happened in the United States, but now it’s getting more common here our country, Spain, too (or maybe is just we’re more aware now).

The human mind can be easily influenced. The media and politicians know that a lie told a thousand times becomes a truth, well embedded in the collective unconscious of mankind. Publicists use the same trick to produce subliminal messages. To convince the masses that something is white when last year it was red is a piece of cake, for a good information/misinformation publicity campaign can easily achieve it. What’s happening now in every media outlet is that we are being forced to see the story which suits a few. This reminds of Orwell’s novel 1984.

Things are going wrong, because some want them to go wrong.

The same people that triggered the world economy crisis are the ones bombarding us to keep us worried using their own media outlets. The global financial, media, and political circles are controlled by a conglomerate of families consisting of a few thousands individuals maximum. Almost every TV, press and radio channels end up being loyal to a small elite established several generations ago. They are the ones deciding what people should or shouldn’t know, or rather what people should think. The banking system is the same, interconnected and related with the powers that be and the media, of course, depends on them as well. This is nothing new.

Those who decided to unleash the economic storm had very clear that this scheme was necessary just so they could do whatever they wanted, but also to avoid people realizing or even noticing it. Who isn’t now worried, sometimes with an unusual level of anxiety, about their jobs, their mortgages or just trying to make ends meet at the end of the month.

What is the purpose?

To think that a few thousand can control six or seven billion people is startling and blood-chilling, but is not rocket science to understand that this is in fact what’s happening. And the worst part is that we hardly even notice. The purpose is, and has always been, to control everything at the highest level, to get richer, and enjoying the power that comes with the capability of controlling what the rest of world can or cannot do. Of late, I’ve come to realize that is not about the money anymore, this elite already owns everything there is to own, it’s about global control of the masses. That’s all. But we shouldn’t give up our ability to think, analyze, and decide on our own so easily, sitting there in front of the TV newscast for hours on end.

Create the problem, then create the most convenient solution.

Most things work this way when you hold power. If you want to pass legislation to restrict civil liberties without protest, then manipulate events in such way to create a fear where everyone screams for more cameras in public places, more surveillance, more controls in our finances, more power over the population. If we want to keep the masses in check and quiet, all you need is a system creating a permanent state of distress that nullifies any desires to rebel against those who pull the strings, and play with people’s life behind the scenes. If you’d wish your children eat all the veggies, hide everything else in your fridge and convince them that’s all the food there is, due to a “global” problem. You’ll see how they eat all of it without complain. We are like them children who believe everything we’re told, the few in control atop hid the food from us and kept it for themselves.

Start thinking for yourself

These are times when all you can do is wake up and smell the coffee, be aware of the current manipulation. Start analyzing the problems by yourself, don’t let the newscaster explain them for you, don’t let the media tell you what to think. What is your current situation? How can you change it? How do you stay out of trouble? Think, then think again and decide. The ability to do and to get everything you put your mind into is in your own hands and within your head. Don’t succumb to mass hysteria nor buy the stories they sell you on TV or the news stand. Think for a minute, who or what is to win if I believe all of this? is it good for to live in this permanent state of distress? There is nothing left to do but to think for ourselves. A mind aware and alert cannot be controlled, a person cannot be manipulated if they’re not easily influenced by what they read or hear in the news. Be someone like this and, no matter if you’re stuck with some mortgage payments, or unemployed, or trying to make ends meet, it will be easier for you to get out of trouble and anxiety.