How many times have we heard that “everyone lives in their own world”? If the popular saying knew how true this phrase is, more than one would start to rewrite it. And it is that each one, more than in his “world”, lives in his “level of reality”.

Infinite levels of reality

In this third dimension in which we exist, infinite levels of planes of different vibratory frequency coexist. Yes, we all share the common reality that globally represents 3D reality, but each one of us is tuned to one of those sublevels or planes in a more concrete way. At all levels, the “lower” planes are those that resonate at slower frequencies, and those that are “higher” are those whose base frequency is higher. The higher levels of reality are the result of more positive energies (emotions and thoughts), the lower levels of reality are the result of more negative energies (emotions and thoughts, based on fear as a base frequency).

Perception of the different levels of reality

Each and every one of us perceives a fairly wide range of reality levels, despite the fact that, depending on the generic frequency we emit, we are mainly hooked to one of those levels. That reality that resonates mostly with us is the plane that we perceive in a primary way, and in which we manifest our “world” and our external reality.

In addition to this primary reality, we perceive the realities that most closely approximate our frequency level, and we also participate in them, although less, that is, those events, emotions, people, situations, etc. that manifest themselves in our reality. Although they are not part of our life in a primary way, they are things that happen around us and that can affect us in a small way.

This happens with both higher levels and lower levels. That is, we can perceive levels of reality in which “something better” things happen (based on higher resonance frequencies, on more positive emotions or thoughts, on “better” energies) as “somewhat worse” reality levels (based on otherwise). For example, we can live in a troubled neighborhood, and notice around us that things happen: problems, thefts, fights, arguments, etc. But nothing ever happens to us, because we are not vibrating and tuning that level of reality, although we do perceive it.

We can also have a great job or live in a beautiful place, and yet we do not perceive or manifest in our reality 100% of what that site offers, because it seems that it is “something out of our reach”, and that is that they are things that “vibrate” at a slightly higher level.

Levels beyond our reach

The more we move away in the scale of levels of our primary reality, the less we manifest the effects of that reality in our world, even though we can still perceive part of them. We can live in that conflictive neighborhood, and know by statistics and news that it is the neighborhood with the biggest problems in your city, and you, have never seen, heard or suffered anything. On another level of reality all that exists, but it does not manifest in your world because your frequency level is far from the frequency level of that environment. Idem at the opposite pole, that is, toward higher levels of reality (and why then you are living on that site is the subject of another entry).

Levels of reality “imposed”

One of the ways to “keep” people “under control” is to have everyone on a level of reality maintained, for example, by a manipulated collective unconscious in which the common reality manifested is the one desired by the ” controllers “. The media, for example, are responsible for the creation of a fairly low level of reality at a frequency level, in which many people are hooked as a primary reality. Other people vibrate at slightly higher levels and are not directly affected, while others never notice any effect of the reality they wish to manifest, since they are far away (at their vibrational level) from that plane of events that we’re told about every day.

Increase your level of reality

Increasing the plane that you tune as your “world” requires to process and lighten emotional and mental load. It requires cleansing us energetically and deeply so that we let go of ballast and we can tune into other types of frequencies. It is a work of self-cleansing, of eliminating our fears, which act as an anchor towards lower levels because of the vibration they carry. It is about finding ways and techniques to get rid of “low” emotions and thoughts and to anchor us, in any way, to high emotions and thoughts. The mechanism of all this is part of the Law of Attraction, and how to engage in a higher or lower energy is all a matter of internal work. So you know, if you really want to live on a positive level of reality, stick to it, and even though you perceive and exist (they will not disappear, even if you do not see them) many other worse levels, they do not have to affect you in absolute.