Some of my friends and colleagues, especially those who perceive me energetically, sometimes see me coming through the door and tell me that I have “a head like a bass drum”, loaded. Recently after one of the meditations we do regularly to work with the fourth chakra, I was told to lie on the table because I was going to download a little mental body because they saw a “somewhat saturated.

A set of energy information

The mental body is a component of the energy system along with the etheric body and the emotional body. It is the part of the human being that carries ideas, thoughts, knowledge, behavior patterns, belief systems, memories and everything that has to do with information, knowledge and the mind. The mental body includes the regular everyday thoughts of the routine life we lead, up to 65,000 each day (according to some studies), includes the memories, the levels of information we hold, the subconscious and unconscious, and includes the connection to the collective morphogenetic or unconscious field of the entire human race in the mental spheres.

When a person is constantly thinking, analyzing, studying and using his mind a lot, his mental body shines, it becomes more intense, because the energy that moves is noticed especially around the shoulders and all around the head, it is perceived as yellowish, and its tone varies according to the intensity and use that is being given. It is a structured body that has a defined shape following the contour of the physical body, opposed to the emotional body, which is completely nebulous and unstructured.

Everything occupies a space

The thoughts and knowledge we actually have, occupy an energetic “space” and remain active if one does not know how to disconnect them from “his head”. For example, those nights when we can’t sleep, is because we have something about we just can’t stop thinking over and over, is because our mental body is still active and working without being able to “disconnect” the rest. It happens to me from time to time when I’m with some topic, concept or idea that I can’t understand, my mental activity is very intense, as much as a friend once told me, it’s scary to perceive “the movement” around my head.

So the first thing I did when I realized that, was to learn to “download” my mental body. The day my classmates laid me down on a stretcher and started taking away “useless energy”, superficial thoughts such as (“I have to buy bread”, it occupies as much space as any philosophical thought) and other accumulated remains that were in the way more than anything else, I really felt like someone who takes a shovel and starts digging sand, until some of that excess accumulated energy has been emptied and one feels more “light” and more mentally relaxed.

In my case it won’t take a long to fill it up again because of my nature, I can’t help it because I spend all day long thinking about how this works or how that works, I accepted long time ago that I am like that, so rather than trying to block my natural way of understanding and analyzing “this of the universe”, the easiest thing is to learn to download it regularly and I explain it to you so that whoever wants to, can use it too.

Taking out the extra energy

The idea is very simple, I take advantage of the moment of the shower for it, to combine the cleaning of the aura with the water, but it can be done at any moment. The idea is to put your hands on your mental body, about 20-25 cm from your head, and try to feel the energy, try to perceive that subtle body. Once you are able to notice it, is the power of your intention and the action of taking that energy with your hands and remove it, as the one who takes things off, for a few minutes, which will make you can download all the accumulated and useless, the superficial.

You don’t need to literally see that energy, it is a matter of feeling and having the intention to remove all that doesn’t serve you and send it through any small vortex you create somewhere (and then close), to be used and transmuted back to the mental plane from which it comes but “virgin”. This will not eliminate your knowledge, thoughts, ideas or belief system, it will simply empty the superfluous accumulated energy in this subtle body that hasn’t any reason to be there occupying “vibratory” space. When you do it combined with the cleaning of the aura through water, you are much more relaxed and calm mentally, more serene and more “quiet” inside.

If you do it regularly, you manage to maintain a silence and an internal balance that is very necessary to live in harmony and with tranquility. Then there is no problem to continue thinking about in all those things you want to because you have plenty of space to devote to it and get it does not become a burden and “noise” that gives fear to those who perceive you energetically.