I suppose that it is not possible to be avoided that many of the consultations that are requested in the energetic healings, when we make a reading of the state of the blockades that a person has, is on the area of the abundance. The common external reality that we all share marks the agenda of how things go for many and, into a greater or a lesser grade, affect the final reality that we manifest in our lives, it is precisely that external reality that ends up generating a lot of limiting beliefs that even without having them, could partially block this section of our lives, the self-generating blocks it even more.

Basically I always find three types of beliefs / negative thought forms in this area:

Economic Loss

There is an “energy” that resonates to the frequency that we might call “economic loss”. It literally means and generates no matter how much income we have, all or a large part of it goes out from our hands. This translates into unexpected expenses of all kinds, in losses that come from under the stones, in things that suddenly demand a greater economic effort.

The lack of “the economic” support

This energy generates a pattern in which it simply does not “enter any income”, because nobody “supports us”, I mean, nobody provides us from the outside those incomes that we need (there are no customers, buyers, etc.) We may not have excessive expenses, but generating a frequency of “lack of support” directly blocks the flow of incoming abundance.

I will not have enough

This is the third one in discord. This pattern of thought / limiting belief, generates a frequency and a vibration that when is emitted from the mental / emotional body causes that no matter how much we earn, we always have the feeling that it is not enough. The flow of input is never blocked and the output flow is never increased, they are compensated and seem to be justly annulled, so that it seems that we will never have enough.

Be aware

These energies are really worked out in detail, there is a very small difference in the frequency between one vibration and another, but I think that experience has led me to realize the subtle differences that exist between them, in my life and in the life of other people when I read their energy states. Eliminating or canceling them happens as always because we are aware that we are feeling or thinking, at least so that they lose part of their power, because we can begin to counteract their influence knowing what we are emitting to the exterior. They are not magical recipes, nobody will win the lottery if we have some kind of limiting belief, and it is true that being clean of these energies, at least you do not block this area of your life more than normal (and can be extrapolated to any other thing, of course).