List of goals for the New Year


I hope you’re all having a great holidays these days. As always happens, many of us take advantage of the last days of the year to take a look at what we have done, how we have done with the projects that we started, how about the objectives that we proposed last January, etc., and if not, it is time to return to plan what we expect from the new year.

That which was started but we only got half done, that which is on the way, that which makes us dream and that never materialized, what we suddenly want to do and we never thought we could do, etc. Take advantage of these days to look forward to the future, over the next twelve months. Think, how would you like them to be? Imagine that we are again at Christmas next year (sorry for those who are tired of feasts), and observe, how was the year? What did you do? What did you accomplish?

Raising our Goals

This can be a great year for you, you can make a reality many of your dreams and hopes, so do not miss the opportunity to put them in writing, make yourself as always a list of those important things you want to attract to you in the next twelve months , believe it if you want a ton of dreams, with images, so that every day you remind yourself that you have decided that this is going to be one of the best years of your life because they will fulfill all those projects that you have there in the list waiting to become reality .

Your dreams can be dreams for you, but your brain does not distinguish between the reality of “out there”, and its reality “with in”, so it can make both a reality, and become what you want to live. Remember that you have to dream high, think big and plan ambitiously, otherwise the “universe” will not be able to “conspire” and give you all the abundance, love, happiness, health and the well-being you deserve. Why do we have to make up for little if we can aspire to much more when it’s our own right?

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