When you go through life like we all mortals do, sometimes feeling lost, and more often than not, feeling disoriented; an internal compass that can guide and help us navigate this path is nothing else than our own intuition. Not other people’s advice, guidance, nor recommendations; but our own intuition. When we hesitate about the path ahead, decisions to make, alternatives to try, the intuition is the most reliable tool we have in our hands to choose wisely.

What is our Intuition?

According to Webster dictionary, Intuition is the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference”. For some people, intuition is perceived somewhat physical, an odd feeling in the stomach or tickling in other part of the body. For others, intuition is more noticeable through images coming to our mind, or an unequivocal feeling of certainty; sometimes even a clear message in the conscious mind, a song, etc. In any case, anything that can assist you in taking the right direction at the right moment, regardless of how it is perceived, is what we call intuition or sixth sense.

Having said that, one thing is to acknowledge what happens to us from time to time, and another is to use it as an everyday working tool. Our Intuition, like anything else, requires training and practice. In fact, it is simply a matter of paying attention and to follow its advice, since this will reinforce the habit of listening regularly to ourselves at a deeper and perhaps less conscious level, a level where many answers and knowledge reside, sometimes beyond the reach of our restless day-to-day conscious mind. Basically, it’s about acknowledging the message and acting upon it, as this sends a strong sign that we’re accepting this communication channel as a valid means to receive important information.

Working with our Intuition

Finding the best way for our “sixth sense” to communicate with our conscious mind is an important part of establishing a direct channel for these “messages”. It’s like saying: “hmm, every time I get this sensation or whenever this image comes to my mind it’s an unequivocal sign that it’s better for me to do this or that”. That’s all there is to it. Once the communication channel has been found, it’s a matter of keeping it open and heeding the messages received through it.

My Own Experience

My Intuition or sixth sense has evolved with time, and it works mainly through ideas or messages that come to my head. The funny part is that it always does so through the lyrics of a song. I find myself inadvertently humming something or singing in my head and, when I think about it, I then realise that the song in my head in that very moment is giving me the clues I needed. To tell you the truth, I decided to write this post while thinking that it would be good to include something about intuition, and suddenly finding myself singing Lisa Stansfield’s song… “this is the right timeeeee….”

Listen to your intuition, and you’ll find how easy is to make the right choice at the right time.