In recent weeks when I have made emphasis so much on the subject of deprogramming the automaton we are, behavioral programs, exiting from the autopilot and quit being the “machines” some others consider us, it’s not just because it’s the only way to take control over our life to a 100% and let our “conscious” and observant mind be the one who bear the reins (or the soul, for those who go one step further) because otherwise there is no way to escape from the multiple external influences where we all are subject for the simple fact of being part of organic life and living on this planet.

We can’t really escape from all those influences that I’m gonna tell you next, but the less automatic our behavior is, the less power they exert, and it is easier for us to choose the influence that “annoys” us the less. I’ll explain it now.

Family / Home / Work Energy Field

The first influence we cannot escape from as long as we live in automatic mode, is that of the nearby environment where we move, whether our home, office or work. The energy field of all the inhabitants of a dwelling, the collective unconsciousness of a family or the environment of the office determine how we behave, react and use our energy because those are the reactions and behaviors of people we have closer that pinch us quickly certain buttons of our temper. It is vitally important in this field to know when certain automatic protection programs or the use of some pre-established “roles” are been activated (the funny guy in the office, the strict father at home, the protective friend..) due to the energies of others detonate the appropriate mental and emotional programs and patterns so that we respond in a certain way. In addition, in this area the energy absorption by other people, consciously or unconsciously, comes into play, which can only be detected if we are “aware” of and outside of automatic behavior.In addition, in this area, the energy absorption by other people consciously or unconsciously comes into play if you are “aware” of yourself and outside of an automatic behavior.

Energy field of the neighborhood and the city

The next strong influence we have is the collective unconscious of the neighborhood and the city where we live. I am sure that there is not a single one of you who doesn’t know that different parts of your city have different “characters” and environments. From the “poor” and a marginal neighborhood, to the “fancy” neighborhood, the bohemian neighborhood or the “hippie” neighborhood, no matter what adjective you use, the question is that you breathe a different air within the different areas of the same city because they have different collective mini unconscious, which you hook up with when you reside in it and whose influence affects you whether you want it or not, unless, again, you don’t live on autopilot.This energy of this small genetic morphfield unconsciously activates certain emotional and mental automatic responses in us, so if you do not control what is activated in you, you can not avoid entering the dynamic that is lived in that area, whether you like it or not , since your energy system lives soaked with what perspires in place.

Influence of the regional, cultural and national energy fields

The greater the geographical area we cover, the larger and more abstract the energy field to which we are subjected becomes (another level of vibration above the previous one). Thus, we have certain fields at a level of region, country, ethnic group within the same country, or cultural area (for example, Mediterranean culture vs Nordic culture) that also affect us. Here come into play other topics such as cultural, racial or ethnic archetypes, which generate their own collective unconsciousness on their own side, but these same influences trigger in us certain predetermined responses at the mental or emotional body level that have been inserted into our being because of the influence of where we live or have grown up.The higher the field of influence, the more generic is the automatic pattern that governs us, so that we can behave as mass in a certain way and at the individual level be unable to recognize those patterns in ourselves, since they are activated to different levels of consciousness. All Mediterraneans have certain character, all Germans are specifically the way they are, all African-Americans have such a certain characteristic, but then, it turns out that you get to know a german or an African-American person who does not fit with the “generic” model at the individual level. Here the influence is very subtle, and if you are not very aware of yourself it is almost impossible to identify those general behaviors that are activated automatically by the fact that you are part of one of those collectives groups (and when you leave it, you are very far from being recognized by those who observe you). OK

It is at this level where manipulations with HAARP-type technology and derivatives make more effect and act more effectively. When you want to keep a quiet population, you provoke certain revolts or fan the patriotic feeling of a country to generate a massive support for one thing or another, there is nothing than artificially influencing these energy fields manipulating unconscious patterns that penetrate into people, activating their automatic programs of anger, rage, rebellion, helplessness, fear, disgust, racial hatred, anguish, etc., etc., so that the masses can then be quietly manipulated without too much effort through the media, since their reactions and automatic behaviors are to the maximum of their capacity, being the “automatons” of each individual the ones who direct the actions of these groups. Nothing can prevent it if you are not highly aware of yourself, because you cannot detect when the collective unconscious of your country is being manipulated unless there is some automatic pattern that jumps into you when that energy that floats around you interacts with your energetic system and you can detect it in others without being involved on it.

Collective unconsciousness of the human race, global morphogenetic field

The next level of influence we are subjected to, is the collective unconscious of the human race. It is very diffuse, has less power than the lower level because it is a chaotic sum of reality composed of 7 billion human beings, like a large energy raft surrounding the planet. This unconscious global collective is the one that sets the pace for major world events, is the one who marks the direction of the ship of the evolution of the mass of humanity and the responsible one for the manifestation of the great achievements or the great catastrophes. It is responsible for the planet to go faster or slower in its awakening, in its evolutionary path or in its polarization, because it depends on the sum of all of us, and therefore, lacks homogeneity, thus carrying the highest extremes of mental and emotional patterns both positive and negative. We are subject to its influence in a much more subtle way than to the influence of all previous energy fields, and it is not perceptible in the individual life of a person the effect of this field if it is not at the level of a retrospection of years looking back and checking one’s personal development with respect to the development of the whole humanity.

Planetary influences: The Moon, the Sun, the solar system

But if the collective unconscious of the planet seems to us that it has a relative effect that we cannot directly notice, the following energy fields do have much more force for the simple reason that they are not static or vary subtly, but that their influence is dynamic and changing on a regular basis. I refer to the electromagnetic fields of the moon, the Sun and the planets of the solar system.

Starting with the Moon, if she’s able to move oceans and generate tides, think about the power she has to move from one side to the other the collective unconscious of the area where you reside and of course, get to affect your own energy system. There are people who use the full moon to set in motion certain events that have nothing to do with superstition but with the amount of energy and influence that comes from our satellite at certain given times in certain areas of the planet. The Moon-Earth electromagnetic interaction, like two magnets, move everything that crosses in the middle, in this case, organic life on the Earth’s surface. The moon alters people behaviors because it collides and presses directly on the emotional and on the mental body and activates certain patterns and automatisms that sometimes remain asleep. Only when you are highly self-aware and have worked on those automatic programs and emotional components, you can prevent them from activating without you noticing.

Finally, both the Sun and the planets of the solar system exert a terrible force on the gravitational and electromagnetic field of the planet, which constantly influence and modify the collective unconscious of us and of the different fields of all the species that conform the organic life. I am not referring here to Dominical horoscope, which at best is pure entertainment, but really when the electromagnetic field (let’s call it the aura) of Jupiter, Saturn or Venus touch the “aura” of planet Earth, it produces certain effects in the antennas each of us are and suffer in silence (by not noticing due to ignorance). There will be better ways to study it, but the oldest astrology already knew about the influence of these planets in the energy fields of the Earth and, therefore, in its inhabitants. This is the equivalent of the “human HAARP” centered in the area in the energy fields of the Earth and, therefore, of its inhabitants. I want to say that those who move the threads of the planet also know about astrology and when naturally a certain type of energy interacts with the energy field of the human race, they know that it is an auspicious moment to launch certain types of events because millions of people without they will be more receptive and with certain behavior programs activated by the force of this planetary influx without having to spend a euro to activate the antennas of Alaska.

That Mercury enters retrograde motion (for example) being the energy field that affects mental processes and communications, does not indicate that it will run out of mobile phone that week, but that all the mental patterns associated with the archetype of communication in the collective unconscious will suffer a small discharge of soft energy two planets beyond our neighbor. Therefore, everything you carry on the trailer related to this issue will be activated automatically depending on the degree to which you are with this external influence producing a mental pattern that will generate an “emission” in you that will manifest a certain potential reality, and you have the bad luck that has the enough energy to manifest in a tangible reality. And well, you just ran out of mobile the week Mercury makes his own (the horoscope already told you).

Escape from the influences

As long as we have an energy system and become part of the organic life on the planet, it’ll be impossible to escape from any “macro” influence that we have seen, it is a little less difficult to let yourself be influenced by the collective unconscious of your country and region, and if you work on it, It will be relatively easy for you to disconnect from the influence of your closest environment. But to be able to disconnect, you have to know that you are connected, you have to know that the mental and emotional responses that you generate, they do not come out from nowhere “just because”, but because from the outside you are subject to an impressive amount of energy fields that interact with yours. Unless you clean, dismantle, deprogram and become more aware and alert of your reactions, behaviors and emotions, you will continue (we all will) being puppets in the great theater of the cosmic game of the organic life in the solar system.