The exercise I propose, if you are not afraid to dig a little inside, is a pass to perceive, with eyes wide open, who we are in deeper levels. It is not easy, but also nothing that can not be done with a little practice.

A mirror to perceive your interior

It is simply to stand in front of a mirror, with a more or less neutral background that will not distract us much and blur a little your sight. We will try to perceive the different levels of energy and consciousness that coexist within the physical body, let’s see if we can grasp, even subtly, the deepest essence of ourselves, our energy field, the structure of our subtle system, etc.

The first point is that, to be able to see something different from the face that we see every day, you have to relax, because we must set aside the conscious mind and let the senses perceive another “frequency” range that is normally blocked when we have the brain running at full performance in beta status.

So the first symptom that happens is that it fades a little our view, and we lose sharpness of the image reflected, and if we are calm and concentrated, we first start to see some shadows and shapes in the face that is the so-called eterea matrix, and corresponds to the layers of energy that cover the physical and solid body. Not to be frightened, it looks like a skeleton but it is only one of the components of our energetic system. We are touching the surface nothing more, you have to go deeper.

If we continue to insist, and entering deeper states of relaxation, you may see again as your easy configuration changes, the image is distorted a bit, etc. They are simply different mixed and overlapping facets of the sum of the different levels of consciousness. If we continue to try to see more deeply, a different image may emerge, a kind of androgynous figure, “bald”, brighter. And it’s creepy to see you. It’s the deepest thing I’ve come to perceive from myself, and I think it’s part of the innermost essence of each one of us.

Constancy and relaxation

The first time I saw myself in this way I was not able to hold the image more than a few seconds, as the mind immediately comes into play, but doing it with consistency and calmness you can hold more time this vision of yourself in the mirror and analyze yourself. And no, it’s not your imagination and you’re not making it up, you’re perceiving with your normal senses a range of “energy” or frequency that appears only when we relax our mind and we give way to normally hidden components of ourselves, but they are always there. It has a very practical application, it opens your mind, gives you a different perspective of yourself, and gives you a visual “test” that we are much more than this human body that we inhabit.