Working with energies is so versatile, flexible and powerful that if each of us had the time and the desire to dedicate oneself on a personal level to its care, the quality of life would be much greater. There are many ways and exercises to do them, and today I wanted to comment about one that I particularly like, it’s called the “magnetic shower”.

Water and Aura

Water is the universal cleaner by excellence, everything that is used to clean on this planet has the water as a base. The shower that we have every day is the physical and corporal cleaning ritual that we all carry out, but what you may not know is that it also acts as an “energetic” cleanser. The fact of giving us a shower already makes our energies, at a certain level, “clean”, but if we do it with a small extra dose of energy and consciousness, we have what we call a “magnetic shower”.

The objective is to eliminate, with our own energy, and thanks to the “dragger” effect of the shower water, those small blockages and stagnant energies that we can have in our aura so it is cleansed.

Externalize Energy

For this, what we will do is simply “externalize” energy. In other words, when we are showering we can peacefully close our eyes, and “take out” our energy as if we were filling a balloon, all around us. Externalizing energy is nothing more than “mentally ordering” our body to emit “out” its strength, which projects it. It’s the same as sending energy from the hand chakras, but using all the holochakra (holo= All), that is to say, the whole electromagnetic field incremented around ourselves. We are mentally surrounded by that energy and we are covered with it. We are taking energy out so when it meets the water, and it is being dragged, it will help to remove stagnant residues glued to us.

The effect of the magnetic shower, when we do it for a few minutes consciously, does not only provide us with relaxation of the physical body, but to all the layers of our aura, and the subtle bodies, so it will help us feel good at many levels, having detached from different kinds of waste that we have accumulated during the day and that are preventing us from being fully harmonized. Nothing better to go to sleep quietly and have happy dreams, right?