It is not hard to realize that, over the months and for several years now, more and more people are feeling “worse”, more unstable, more insecure, more out-of-balance, while many other feel much “better”, more mature, more energetic, more “awakened”. There are many reasons why this behaviour is more evident to us, many factors causing a change of consciousness, and the vibration frequency of all aboard this ship called Earth.

The Solar System is reaching a different vibration zone

The first factor is that the planet where we incarnated, as it travels along with the Solar system through the galaxy, has moved into an area of ​​the Milky Way completely unknown in our time-space coordinates. This change is the planet’s movement “heralded” as the “new age”, a shift into a space-time continuum with a different vibration (this is not related to any date or prophecy; cosmic events are progressive and gradual, and not linked to human calendars). This means these are not changes in behavior of the people on Earth, we are only saying that the Solar system has moved into a different area of space, with a different energetic signature than the previous one. (the Solar system’s speed of travel through the Milky Way is several thousands kilometers per second; as you read this line, we are already very far from the point in space when you started reading this article).

The frequency signature in this area of ​​the galaxy we are crossing has a much higher vibration energy, therefore the planet is receiving the influence of these higher energies from everywhere, compared to the energies the planet is dragging behind. That’s why we say that a new reality is being “born” or “rooting” on Earth. This influence is already around us but we still don’t perceive it, due to the powerful and negative 3D remnants the planet is dragging.

Therefore, this new evolution cycle of the Earth has already begun, and it will be consolidated in a slow, but certain and irreversible process that nobody can stop, unless you can stop the Solar system’s path in its galactic travel. What happens is that each being, each and everyone of us in this planet, reacts unconsciously to this huge amount of energy that seeps through the “cracks” in the outer energy crust of the planet, which will eventually become the future home for all those who “graduate” towards a future “positive” evolution level.

Intensification of polarities

The second factor causing discomfort and malaise, or well-being, in every one of us is the intensification of polarities due to the “imminent” (in relative terms) separation of the two evolutionary paths. For the planetary energies to stabilize in this transition period between levels, a period of intense interaction and energetic shock between both vibrations has been physically occurring for years, in such way that those ready to “graduate” have the opportunity to choose polarity for their next “evolutionary course”.

We shouldn’t be surprised of such big increase in “positive” events, and people’s “awakenings”, as well as negative events at their top potential, since both polarities must be tangible for those who wish to complete the necessary work to join, vibrationally speaking, one of the two paths available in the new “matrix”, the new reality, that is already completely built in the planet, at a mental and etheric level.

From a “cosmic” point of view, those who wish to graduate in a negative “course” have the same right to do so, as those who wish a positive “course”. The latter will stay on the planet when the integration of the new reality is completed, and the former will finish the process somewhere else; that’s why the events have to be evident, so that each side can, energetically speaking, complete its polarization.

For many this intensification of energies has been a boost in their awakening or personal growth; for others it has been a burden of confusion, discomfort and malaise. When you’re not aware of this kind of effects but at an unconscious level only (it probably could be noticed or measured at a subatomic level, in the electrical alterations of the body’s cells) it then has a random and different effect for each person. Sometimes it lifts them up, or it makes them feel tired, it strengthens them or it brings them down, and it’s impossible to predict their reaction when not consciously using this energetic catalyst, this helping hand to complete the evolutionary cycle and to engage in one polarity or the other. In this case, and since the new vibrations affect us energetically at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, the effects can occur in a thousand different ways, without any predetermined pattern. However, confusion and feeling lost is a quite common response to this influence, when we are still dragging the burden of of low vibes of all sorts.

Collective unconscious manipulation

The third factor of this malaise is, and has always been, manipulation of the collective unconscious by those in power and with the means to do so. Projects such as HAARP and other technologies, developed after Nicola Tesla’s work, have put the method to manipulate the collective unconscious of the human race in the hands of a small group which has ruled for centuries. In a frequency range of approximately 8 Hz, we are constantly “attacked” with a particular energy pattern to weaken us, to make us more docile and easy to control, more anxious, insecure, paranoid and worried. What this control elite probably doesn’t realize (may be they do, I don’t know) is that the planet also reacts to this type of manipulation in one of the morphic fields is made of (the human field).

The “reaction” of Kumar (the soul or planetary consciousness) has been to reflect the “echo” of this manipulation to its source, and the way we perceive is that, these countries trying to dominate the world (particularly the United States and its allies) are the ones suffering the worst energetic effect of this mental manipulation of society (two times over, because all western societies are controlled by definition) paradoxically, these societies are the most stern defenders of freedom and advocate disconnection from the matrix, because they suffer the same echo effect, but in the reverse polarity of the mental control which they are subject to.

Let it be…

In the years to come these factors will increase, and they will become more evident, especially as the planet frees from the negative energy armor, and lets positive energies, now everywhere around us, to take root. It is not a pleasant “delivery” for the planet, but it’s something that every “mother” goes through and, when it’s all over, only happy memories will remain of a process that will last many thousands years, for as long as the planet travels through the high frequency energies of this cycle, in the confines of the galaxy and the universe.