As we saw in the previous article, each of the main chakras of the Earth has a well-defined function that contributes to our planet’s energetic maintenance, as it happens with the human body. Let’s see a little more of each of them, bearing in mind that this description is an approximation to its function, and that there are also many other important vortices that we do not usually have in mind because they are more unknown or not have come to the public light.

First Chakra: Mount Shasta

The physical point that approximates the equivalent of the first chakra of the planet is located on Mount Shasta, at the southern end of the Cascade Range (Cordillera de las Cascadas), in the United States, a mountain range that meanders like a dragon from the north of California, crossing Oregon and Washington State across the Canadian border. The Mt. Shasta is the tail of this imaginary dragon and the impulses generated by this mountain, and directed to Mount Rainier, which would be the head of this “dragon”, gave rise to the increase of sightings of UFOS in 1947 and the diffusion of this phenomenon in the world. The increase of the energy transmission in this chakra was the reaction of the Earth to the introduction of the atomic weapons by humanity after the conclusion of the Second World War.

Mt. Shasta is the Earth’s primary chakra. It Is the “base” of the global energy system. Here, the precursor energies of biological life are released and put into circulation for development throughout the world. Thus, this center regulates the universal life force before its integration into individual forms of living and in all species of the planet. Shasta’s energy is like a geyser – a great hatching of prana, with no form or structure. In this center there is also part of the programming at the etheric level that regulates the proper functioning of the etheric body of the planet.

Second Chakra: Chakra mobile according to the evolutionary process of the Earth

The planetary vortex corresponding to the second chakra is mobile, is currently moving through the Andes mountain range (Cordillera de los Andes), to settle near the fourth chakra, Lake Titicaca. The reason that these two vortices are working together, energetically and geographically, has to do with the emotional and spiritual functions of the planet, in the same way that in the human being the inferior emotional center and the spiritual center are in the interior of the same fourth chakra. Thus, this second center, regulates the vital force of creation and regeneration of the planet, provides energy to the morphic fields of the mineral, vegetable and animal species for its good functioning and a support where to anchor those same minds and group templates that sustain the planet’s biosphere.

Third Chakra: Uluru and Kata Tjuta

These two places in the Northern Territory of Australia include the planet’s “solar plexus” chakra. Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is the most famous of the two. This Big Red Monolith is, together with the Sydney Opera, an icon of the Australian continent. Katatjuta, also called The Olgas, is equally impressive. Instead of a monolith, this site consists of a large number of huge red stones.

The global function of this chakra is to maintain Earth’s vitality, and of all the living species. The energies of Lake Titicaca are sent directly to the third chakra through the Ley artery, which crosses the South Pacific Ocean, passes under New Zealand, and enters the mainland of Australia on the Wilson Promontory. This third planetary point also has a connection with the collective unconscious of humanity, being a point of anchorage of the same from the mental plane of the structure of our planet.

Fourth Chakra: Lake Titicaca

On the Island of the Sun, in Lake Titicaca, is the Stone Titicaca, geometric center of the fourth chakra of our planet. This point is the world center at the energy level of creating new species, and of important evolutionary advances within existing ones. In the human body, Lake Titicaca correlates with the lower emotional center, located in the fourth chakra. The difference is that the planet’s chakra governs all species, having a special interest in the positive mutations and evolutionary advances of all who live in it.

The force of life generated by Mount Shasta is transmitted to Lake Titicaca through the Ley Arteries. This energy channel surrounds the entire planet, and it is precisely in Lake Titicaca that one of the two great crossroads of land Ley Lines converge, being the second on the island of Bali, in Indonesia.

The influence of this chakra reaches the heart of the Andes mountain range (Cordillera de los Andes), including sacred sites such as the city of Cuzco and Machu Pichu. All the sacred places within the sphere of reach of the energy of a chakra participate of the same qualities that define it. Thus, for example, Machu Pichu is also an important energetic point related to the fourth chakra.

Tantiens: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury

Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, in England, define the center of energy of the planet known in the human body like Tantiens, thus, they are not a chakras like such but a huge energetic batteries that serve the planetary consciousness to maintain in good state the energy system of the same. So that the force of life can be directed to its maximum splendor, the energies of the land of Glastonbury are united with those of Shaftesbury, and then the Ley Artery is in charge of offering these frequencies to all the beings of the planet. If the tantiens of the Earth expand their full circle of influence with the energy of love, the pain and suffering of all species would disappear from the human experience and from our memory.

To move the energies towards the Tantien for its reserve and accumulation, the energy travels from Uluru-Katatjuta to Bali, passing by Mount Kailas (seventh Chakra), until Sergiev Posed, in Russia, to arrive at Shaftesbury-Glastonbury. As this force travels all over the world it absorbs and releases the information it conveys in the different places it runs.

Fifth Chakra: Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai and Mount of Olives

The “Throat” chakra, by which the voice of the Earth emerges and expresses itself, is unique among the sacred centers of the world. This sphere of energies in the middle East is a very important component of the Earth’s vital structure.

For all of us who live on the planet, the art of listening to the will of the Earth is something we need to learn. Human beings will never harmonize with the purpose of life until we learn to listen and respect the voice of Kumar’s spirit. Nowhere is this more important than in the middle East, where the throat chakra resides.

The Earth is talking, and nobody seems to listen. Imagine a Middle East where Jerusalem and Mecca are cosmopolitan places and part of world heritage, open to all cultures. Imagine a Middle East that is at the forefront of the world in promoting the respect of all beings – human and non-human – to live in harmony. The voice of the Earth tries to express itself in that geographical area in which it seems impossible today for humans to listen to their message.

Sixth Chakra: Located in central Africa, is the point of so-called “extrasensory” perception in humans that allows the planet to capture energies and processes that go beyond its own dimensional structures. It Is the point, among others less known to us,  through which Kumar, the planetary consciousness, can interact with other energy fields from other planetary spheres and from our star, and through which it absorbs and processes most of the outer, cosmic, galactic fields that come from the outside of it, of the solar system in which we are and of all the confines of the galaxy to which we belong.

Seventh Chakra: Mount Kailas

Mount Kailas is the most sacred mountain in the Himalayas and is the center of the “Crown” Chakra on the planet. The seventh chakra emits the energy that contains the information of the purpose of the Earth as being alive, and its true will. Through this center our planet understands and divulges its purpose, its plans of growth and evolution, and transmits it to the rest of chakras and energetic centers of the world.

So, you have seen where and how the energies that keep the Earth’s system alive are generated, and why when we are close to one of these points, if we are somewhat sensitive to these energetic flows we can notice their influence on us.