Today I have found an article by Salvador Freixedo, a prolific writer (among other things) about topics like entities of all kinds that he calls “gods” (and many references about them in all religions, sacred texts, the history of our planet, etc) that I liked a lot. Everything that Salvador Freixedo speaks in his work is what I call in mine “system of control and manipulation by entities of superior evolutionary levels” (it’s a little bit confusing, I admit), and reflects in different words the same concepts that I have in mind when I face the world where we exist. Here I transcribe partially if you are interested:

Man and the cosmos

The cosmos is much more complex than at first sight is shown to us. And even if it looks like a paradox, many of those who call themselves “scientists”, are the least aware of this great true, they have a mind too technical and they believe that only what they can verify with their devices or calculations is what is “real” or possible. But it’s not like that. We barely know a little about the cosmos because the instrument we have to it -our brain-, is very limited, compared with the vastness and complexity of the cosmos.

Men, childishly helped – or deceived – by religions and “gods”, believe that we are the center of the Universe. This is what they have made us believe thru centuries. [] Man is just another intelligent, semi-intelligent, and lacking of intelligence that populates the immeasurable Universe. Our infantility on facing and prosecuting other realities is pathetic and also pitiful. We behave like children when we put ourselves to judge things that we cannot perceive clearly and directly by our senses. We talk about our reality as if it were the only existing one, we divide beings into intelligent and not intelligent judging them only by the coordinates of our minds and the mechanisms that our brains have of what we call “reality”, and we even dare to say that something does not exist or can not exist because it “bothers” the schemes of our brain.”

[] When we judge the Cosmos, we have to be much more prudent than we are when we judge the things that surround us, of those of which we have more precise data than we have about the realities of the Universe. Man, as soon as he stops hearing, seeing and touching, enter into the world of the shadows that Platon talks about in his dialogues. We can not even be sure of the data that the senses provide us, nor of how they are computed by our brain.

Of course, I recommend all of Salvador Freixedo’s work for those who want to read more about how he explains the world of the “gods” that control us and the way they are part of our world.