Manifestation channels


We all may understand the “physical” logic behind the Law of Attraction, the fact that our energetic body behaves like a magnet, and our mind and mental body projects “waves” which tends to attract to itself those objects or situations that contain the same kind of “frequency” like ours, is the easiest analogy to represent its functioning. However, what is most difficult for all of us to understand is the fact that we must also provide the means for those things or situations to come to us if we want them to materialize as quickly as possible.

The hill and the beach

Imagine that we are on top of a small hill from which we see a beach a few hundred meters away, on the beach it turns out to be a trunk that contains an object we want, something we want to attract. From our hill, we take a very long rope we have, and throw it, with such good aim that we are able to hook the trunk, and thus, when stretching hard, we can drag the treasure to where we are. However, it turns out that between the beach and the hill there are a lot of weeds, brambles, and shrubs, which slow down the approach of the chest, even as much as we stretch. The branches resistance, the stones of the soil, the weeds that are hooked, etc, make it terribly difficult that no matter how much effort that we make, we do not manage to attract the trunk to us at the desired pace. Obviously, if we continue to stretch, sooner or later we will succeed, and we will have the desired object with us on the hill, but it would be much easier if, for example, we could clear the path a little by removing stones, or cutting part of the brambles.

Manifestation channels

In the previous example, of course, the trunk is that event or thing we want to manifest, it is at any point in our reality but we do not yet perceive or have not attracted it to our side, the rope is the energy we emit, the frequency that literally makes of magnet and hooks to our desire, and the brambles and bushes are the physical obstacles and movements that object must make to reach us. Basically, if we want to speed up the process, we have two ways to do it, either stretch the rope with an impressive force (greatly increase our “magnet” power), or pave the way as much as possible so that at equal force of attraction, there is less resistance so that the object reaches us. The latter is what we will call “manifestation” channels.

Make things easy and open options

Creating a manifestation channel is nothing more than making things easier for our inner reality projection to find the least possible obstacles in the process of manifesting what we want. It is about creating structures that allow certain things, events, people, or situations to take place. For example, if we want new friendships or social relationships to enter our lives, we can stay at home or join a club, organization, activity, in which people come and go, in which, thanks to being an already created structure, it is easy that circumstances can be given for us to find these new friends.

The law of attraction will work in both cases, whether we stay at home (it is never known what new neighbors will come to live in our block), or whether we go to a place where resistance to the manifestation of our desire is less (more people, more connections, more situations in which we can end up materializing that desire). If we want to attract more material abundance, it is easier to have our own business or service to which new customers arrive “out of the blue”, than to work in a company where abundance energy flow finds more resistances until it reaches us (it is an example of manifestation channels, since I know it is not easy neither to get ahead of your own business, I am the first to know it from experience). If we are looking for work or new professional opportunities, we must put our curriculum in operation, attend meetings, conferences, places where “out of the blue” can appear those that will open the doors to that new professional opportunity. We must always move towards the general direction of what we want, and thus make the physical and energetic part of the process flow more easily.

The idea is to remove all the blockages and obstacles we think may interfere with the process, paving the way towards us of what we want to attract. Other questions such as whether we are prepared for it, whether we are emitting the right frequency, whether our projection works well, etc, are other components of this “law of attraction” we have already talked about, but in any case remember, the more brambles and stones you remove from the way, the more easily you can get that trunk to you at the top of the hill.

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