Many of you know that this year I am being trained in regressive therapy to past lives. A few weeks ago I completed the first level and since then I am interested in finding and deepening more in its functioning. The former entry about the new dynamic model of the sun has much to do with this subject, even though it could seem completely the opposite.

Accessing back in time

When we make a person access, through regression or hypnosis, to a time of his past to solve or relieve some traumatic or problematic situation generated back then, and that has been stored in the subconscious, we are making that person live again that situation (there are many methods), understand it, liberate it, and cancel it.

Now well, how does this “liberating” and “cancelling” of energy that was left in a given moment in a space-time position by an event that happened to us does work? As I said in the former post about the new dynamic model of the displacement of the sun and Earth movement, each event that occurs leaves an energetic mark with definite coordinates, and if we have that in mind it is easy to understand that if we simply had those coordinates and a huge erasing rubber, we could go to that moment and apply some “erasing” so it would stop bothering us when the energy of that event, trauma or problematic situation would vanish.

Seriously speaking, when we mentally access those coordinates (without knowing them consciously, just letting our subconscious mind that reaches out of this continuous material space-time take us to them) we can connect and see the same scene as originally happened, but however, and this is the key point, this time we are accessing it from a different angle. This means that when accessing it from a different point from the one that generated the event (even though we visualize ourselves within the body we had at the moment of the event) “we come” from a different angle, from another direction, and we are creating an energetic wave that has the same component (thus we live again the scene) but from an opposite phase (waves in the same phase add themselves, waves in opposite phases cancel themselves).

Cancelling the problem, spreading the results

In theory, the fact of living the scene/event/situation but this time entering in it with a 180º “dephase” regarding the position in which it was created generates an energetic cancelling effect in that wave, in that frequential pattern that keeps that what happened alive, and cancels its effects. This energy that exists, is cancelled when we relive a situation but from another angle, and it manifests as a liberation, a cry out that comes in when we let go a huge weight, an energetic load that was there causing us troubles, etc. And the fact of cancelling that point in space-time when that what we are reliving occurred, it instantly anulates all the consequential effects of all the frequential emissions of that energetic wave or pattern since it happened till now, since the wave that was spreading from then until our present moment with the “problem” we had is “cancelled”.

Thus it is “easy” to understand why we are healed in our present after having cleansed the past, why the effects that we were dragging due to an energy that was harming us, has been cancelled (not erased), and have been spreaded by the elliptical spiral of the timeline of our planet up to the moment where we are now. It is a way to understand that everything exists simultaneously, and that everything transcends the linear concept of time that we normally use, since we can always access events in our “past” to cancel their effect in our “present”.