The concepts of space and time, their interdependence and the way they are used to keep us in the illusion that we live in a purely solid and material world, are sometimes subjects of a very difficult understanding for all of us. Someone once told me that wearing a clock is the same as accepting the slavery of the illusion of existence because you physically tie yourself to the idea of sequential and linear time when we know that time is simultaneous and that multiple pasts coexist with multiple present and multiple futures. It’s been years since I’ve worn a watch, I’ve thrown away the psychological hook that causes and its invisible effect, although I constantly know what time it is because there is no way to avoid it, but we can expand our vision to increase the use of these two parameters that can be transcended with relative ease, because they are simply a product of our mental perception.

Matrix representation

Our third dimension is an illusory reality based on three basic coordinates, the mathematical dimensions x,y,z, associated with space, and a fourth mathematical dimension, which we associate with time. Thus, the world we see can basically be represented by a mesh or grid that has this shape of the drawing below. Horizontal lines represent spatial points, places, areas, zones. The vertical lines represent time, displacement, advancement from one moment to another as we perceive it.


If we now draw a point at one of these intersections, we will have marked a specific place in space with a precise moment of time, for example, the 4th of September at Pepito Street in Barcelona. If we move that point up, along the timeline, we will have to be constantly in the same street Pepito, but at different times, which happens when for example you are standing waiting for someone for half an hour. That point would have moved instant by instant by the time line upwards while the spatial position would not have changed an apex.


On the other hand, if we now keep the point on the timeline still, and move it along the spatial line, what we will be seeing is what is happening in different parts at the same time, for example, we could see that on September 4 at 10 am in place A one thing happens, while in place B another happens. By moving through space but keeping time still (something that a human being cannot do on his own) we would perceive the events of the same instant in multiple points. An example would be a television program where they connect simultaneously with different correspondents at the same time in different parts of the globe, and you see on your TV, divided into four images, what happens at the same time in four different places. This can be done by your Higher Self, without technology or any entity outside of the physical plane, it’s one of the ways in which we can be guided for example if you ask them for help finding parking.

Chronological events in our life

The life of a person in their daily life is represented in a very simple way by a serial of points that move along the space-time matrix, so that as you move in time you move in space. At 9am you get up and have breakfast, at 10am you go to the office, at 2pm you go out to eat, etc. You change your physical location as you change your temporary location. That is what we all perceive and how we all understand the relationship of both parameters.


We are not alone in the world and thousands of other people make the same journey that we do, moving along their space-time line in their day to day making us cross with them from time to time if we coincide at the same time at the same time. For someone who is outside this mesh and sees it from above, you can see the crossing points or meeting points according to the trend that leads the person, so it is easy for our guides and others to help us manage the synchronicities that make you find who you need to find you when you need to do so, because we simply open doors in certain directions or close other moving forward or delaying our movement through the matrix so that these two people can come to coincide. If a guide tells you, real case, that they will not have time to make me meet someone I need to know for my work before such a date (for example before my next conference) is because my space-time matrix with respect to that of the other person requires many gradual approaches so that we can converge on a specific place at a specific time and, seen from the outside, they already know that it will not be possible before so many “movements” through the mesh, which means that the meeting point at a temporal level is beyond the date that would have been optimal for me in this case. Even so, this is the way to synchronize those sudden and “casual” encounters when they are directed by our “Higher selves” or deeper and more conscious parts of our being.


Parallel realities

What actually happens is that this thing that we represent as a flat reality in two dimensions is nothing like the true representation of the temporal space reality in which we exist, since on top of this “tapestry” that we have drawn there is another, you have another one above, and one more below. In fact there would be infinite grids or arrays like this on top of each other, so that a person can move not only in a linear dimension from one point of space to another through time, but to jump from one reality to another at the same point in space or in the same point of time. So, the image of what the matrix would be would have this style:


Here, the 2D plane of the background, the backside of this cube, is the time space matrix of any reality for all of us (reality 1), which we have drawn before with the lines of those three people represented by the movement of the black dots , yellow or green. But there are also many other versions of those same people who are in other meshes, for example where it is immediately next to it (reality 2) or one beyond (reality 3).

These three parallel realities or dimensions coexist with each other, but are not disturbed, so that things that happen in one of them can slightly affect, or not affect anything, the rest. In addition, it is possible that at some point in your life, when you take different forks as a result of certain decisions that we all make, you not only move in your reality through your coordinates of space and time but you may take a leap to another reality , the 2, where you start to live other kinds of situations because you are in another new space-time matrix leaving aside everything that happens in your former reality. And it is also possible that, depending on the force or energy load that these displacements have, you unfold literally speaking going from existing not only in reality 1 but in reality 2 simultaneously (parallel lives), so that your existence before a fork in life becomes a part of you living the path that kept you in reality 1 and another part of you living the path that has led you to your reality 2. Both persist in time, and the one from which you are conscious becomes the new base reality (your current life) while your “parallel self” that remained in reality 1 may eventually end up fading or on the contrary continuing with the life that your self would have led if you hadn’t taken that fork in your life.

There’s a lot to explore yet

It is a very interesting topic because it makes us understand that we do not exist in a stagnant space and where time sets the pace of life, but we exist in a multidimensional space where we can choose to experiment and jump from one reality to another if we knew or met let them do it (the concept of linear time is a great prison for the expansion of our being, and at the moment there is little we can do to free ourselves from it most of us). But the tools for this exist and for example meditation or energy work allow some manipulation of these parameters. When someone is out of this limited temporal space perception, it’s when they can perceive multiple pasts, multiple presents and multiple futures, which our elites do with technology and things that our spiritual guides do because their level evolutionary is outside this matrix and therefore they see it all as a whole. We too will reach that level, although for the moment we have to be content to understand our own and try to transcend our limitations through personal development because we have no choice if we want to stop being puppets of such a web limited and so unnatural that we have/have self-imposed us.