After the last post on Manifestation Channels, I received several questions about how to improve that process in its entirety, so that there are the least possible obstacles to the transmutation of any kind of energy (abundance, love, etc) into its material counterpart (money, relationships, etc). The process is simple and complicated at the same time, and consists mainly of several steps.

Step 1 – Tuning the infinite energy

All that exists is energy, this energy are “waves” that we “tune in”, capture, perceive and then emit through different channels and mechanisms. Love energy and frequency is one “wave“ with a concrete vibration, the abundance energy is another ”wave” with another concrete frequency. They are generic, abstract, universal, infinite energies, they are everywhere and never disappear. They have more or less this look (A represents one type of energy, D another, C another, etc). They are mixed, superimposed on each other, but having different frequencies they do not “bother” each other.


In order to manifest the “physical” counterpart of what these universal energies represent, we must transmute them to our frequency and the vibration of our “solid” plane, reduce them in density, activate the processes of co-creation and projection of our reality through the concepts they represent. Transmutation is done in ourselves, being our DNA and multiple non-physical receptors present in our energy structure, the “antennas” that tune like a radio these waves.

Step 2 – First energy transmutation – Chakras

The energy our subtle bodies collect is channeled through the corresponding chakra, for example, waves corresponding to love will be metabolized in the fourth chakra, the energies of abundance are metabolized in the first chakra. This process is generic, that is, any chakra is able to tune any kind of energy, but they are programmed and tuned to a type of main frequency which is what makes that, according to energy fields to which we are connected, work or direct that energy towards one or another vortex.


Step 3 – Conversion of chakra energy to the emotional and mental body

Once the corresponding chakra has processed the received energy, it is as if we have reduced it and adapted it to our “reality” frequency, so that it can interact with the world we live in. From here, this energy is added to our energy system, and becomes one of the frequencies we emit outside mainly through our mental body, colored by the emotional components we have, in what we might call “magnet-waves”, because from now on, everything we are issuing will begin to attract and co-create that which resonates at the same frequency. In other words, the manifestation process in our reality of what we are broadcasting begins.

This is the moment when that generic “universal” energy is already incorporated into us, and we begin to emit that “signal” that will function as a holo-quantum projector for those elements in our reality that agree with it


Step 4 – Manifestation channels

It is not however until that energy that we have attracted to us is transmuted once again or channeled through manifestation channels, that we see the physical result of this “creation” of our reality. For abundance energy, manifestation channels have already seen, a shop, an online web, a system of receiving payments, a payroll at the end of the month (not very flexible, but channel after all), etc. For love energy, a manifestation channel can be a conference, a meeting club, an appointment, etc. Only when there is a “physical” way to transmute energies and what we are creating materially reaches us, then we’ll be able to perceive the result of our “creation”.

Improvement and optimization of each step

In order to optimize each step, it is clear we must work at many levels. The first step is improved through the conscious intention of tuning “higher amount” of energy, or using power symbols for it (like the ones we saw in this article). The second step is worked on thoroughly cleansing chakras, subtles bodies and our energetic structure, for which gems and minerals can be used to keep them healthy, healing techniques, proper food for the physical body, etc. The third one is worked with any therapy that eliminates waste in the emotional and mental body, as well as in pineal gland that acts as a reality projector, and the fourth step is in which we must put ourselves in “action” to create physical structures that allow us to materialize the energy we are attracting.

So now you know, you can delve a lot into every step and work them thoroughly to increase our potential and create what we want in any area we want, because even if we work very well one aspect, if any other of the process is blocked or not optimized, it acts as a bottleneck, and it won’t do us any good.