Many of us have or have ever had a small physical implant. Now, I am not talking about those of the abduction-type implants, but more about the normal ones: when we have dental problems and the dentist put on us orthodontics implants or fix us some cavities, or when we fall and break a bone and have to fix it by putting some small metal plate. What if we have vertebrae problems and we have to install an artificial separation between them so that the nerves of the back do not get caught, etc? Oddly enough, when you ask what energy blockages a person has in their diagnoses with akashic healing, these things also appear from time to time.

Everything vibrates and generates energy

Everything that is “foreign” to the organism causes an energetic dysfunction, sometimes small, sometimes large. Obviously it is nothing extremely serious, but it comes out as a “problem” and therefore, what we are asked to do, is that the negative “energy” or resonance frequency of that implant be adjusted and neutralized so that it does not generate interference patterns with our energy system.

A veces puede parecer extraño que podamos obtener estas “tonterías” como bloqueos desde el punto de vista del Ser Superior que nos indica que problemas hay y donde están y cuales pueden no ser un problema, porque si aspiramos a estar en perfecta forma “energética”, cualquier cosa desde un pendiente hasta un tatuaje puede evitar que lo consigamos.

I have nothing against all that, ‘and obviously when we have problems of any kind that require this type of implants that must be used, it is simply to realize that everything, absolutely everything, can cause more or less unwanted effects in our energetic health, (but they can be neutralized) and sometimes these things come out when we’re really waiting for something to be said, “wow”. The root of a problem is sometimes simpler than we think.