Yesterday I returned from the Canary Islands where I finished another course on Akashic Healing. It was a great experience, the class is so dynamic and there are always a lot of additional topics for discussion that, for some reason, come up in the conversations with perfect timing. In this case, one of the things that I liked the most was the feeling that many people have, myself included, that we live in a world where we do not entirely fit in. It’s as if we’re fish out of the water.

A World Based on Three Chakras

Western society mainly operates a world which primary structures are built upon the three primary energy vortexes. Success in life is defined in terms of achieving professional and material goals and objectives in wealth, career, power and will, sexuality, etc. This is how they’ve set it up, how they sell it to us, and how it enters into our eyes day by day. It is often said that someone has succeeded in life when they have achieved a good position, a good salary, certain economic position, etc.

How come we don’t say someone has succeeded in life when he has connected with his Higher Self (in the cusp of a clean, unprogrammed, perfectly working energetic and mental system), developed intuition and the “sixth sense” (capability of working with the sixth chakra), someone empathetic, with good communication skills, affectionate, who perceives the world in the energies of love, etc. (a highly developed fourth and fifth chakras)?

But in the world as we know it these features do not define a successful person, despite it is precisely when someone has managed to realize all energies available within to attain his/her full potential in life; that someone who has transmuted each chakra, subtle body, and mental structure is a successful person. As a matter of fact, those who measure success through the first chakra and its associated areas alone, they have attained but the seventh part of what the former have realized.

We Have Been Fooled, Right?

What a bunch of fools we are. We have accepted standards of living imposed in society by people who can only perceive and work with the lower archetypes and energies, and the rest of us believe that anything we do to exercise and develop the fourth chakra and the chakras above is not as valuable.

If things went as they should, those atop the “success” pyramid would be people in perfect balance in all areas of life, those who work, realize and are capable of living in harmony with all energies existing in our environment, where very spiritual people has material plenty in synchrony with their level of development, where those in positions of control and “power” are capable of fully working with the sixth chakra, in possession of a full fledged fifth, and the fourth chakra completely open, in order to offer a healthy social system to everybody.

It Can Change

Basically, all it takes is to reject the current structures of the world. Stop looking up to, “envying”, and using role models that function and measure everything at the level of the first, second and third chakras. Be aware that, if you are a person who works with a vision of the world outside the standard of western society, then you are MUCH BETTER and MORE BALANCED than the rest who don’t. Alas, we’re like fish out of water, because the world out there doesn’t work that way. But this does not mean it can’t be changed. In fact, it’s not about trying to fit in a dysfunctional world, but to stop seeing that world as the “rule”, and to create another one reflecting the vision of those who feel like fish out of water.