It is likely that in these challenging times, more than one of us has in their list of goals many items related to improving our home economy, finances or bank savings. These monetary goals are always like: I want to double my wage, I want XX amount of euros in my bank account, I want to increase my income by 40%, etc. However, this approach is incorrect when it comes to materialize and attain these goals. The objective is set the other way around, by focusing in the means but not the end itself.

Money as an exchange value

Money is just an element we use to exchange one thing for another. It gives us the ability to carry out transactions of products and services, but it is not the product or the service itself, therefore, this shouldn’t be what we wish to get in life.

Money does not have a value of its own, except when compared to that we receive in exchange for it (you have to agree that it’s just a piece of metal or printed paper). Therefore, our aim should not be in obtaining more money, but to get that thing money will provide.

One step beyond

If you want thousands of euros in your bank account to travel, don’t put this amount in your list, write the detailed travel plans where you want to go. If you want to move into a new flat, your goal should not state having the 300,000+ euros required to buy it, instead, think about the type of flat or house you’d like to own. If you want to save more money, your goal should be long-term financial stability, because that’s the idea behind saving money “just in case”.

It’s all about moving past the means and focusing in what we really want, because that’s exactly what we’re going to get. Possessing more metal or printed paper does not improve our lives, it does not provide something by itself, unless greed is consuming us, what we want is that thing money can buy, therefore, that should be our focus.

Think about those goals or wishes you want to achieve no matter what, don’t focus on how much they cost or how much you need to get them. Life, the universe, your subconscious, will get to work creating the opportunities required for you to travel or to move out, managing whatever resources are needed, and securing the way they get to you. Your mission is to be clear on what you want, and realizing that just focusing in monetary goals will put you out of step with what you really want.