I think there are enough people who realize that all the waves and energetic fields of which we are surrounded influence terribly in our mind. Generically we can include all kinds of electromagnetic emissions, from the Wi-Fi from home to the radio antennas of the building across the street, through more global “waves” such as the atmosphere of a city or the collective unconscious.

The role of neuropeptides

Most of these types of radiation, at least the most damaging, are very low frequency waves (ELF), that simply what they do is alter the chemistry of our body, and thus, the chemistry of the brain, producing changes in the mood of a person. They mainly affect the molecules that we call neuropeptides, something similar to a protein, but that originates in the brain in the synaptic connections. These molecules have different functions, which can both stimulate and block certain physical responses, so that they can alter the nervous system and thus the whole mechanism of how we feel at a certain moment.

Depending on how we are exposed to depending on what type of radiation, our mood can fluctuate greatly. If we get away from the electromagnetic field that is crushing us, we suddenly feel better. Our chemistry recovers its natural harmony and stops generating these “low” emotional states, because what normally happens is that we feel sadder, tired, depressive, melancholic, etc.

Psychic attacks

A psychic attack works the same way. Whether by people “sending” energies to you, by “technological” devices, by entities, etc., simply what you get are extreme low frequency waves, also a certain type of “sound” (but inaudible) that produces the same effect on your nervous system. And it’s really amazing how they can turn you upside down. The mind can start to have all kinds of thoughts and emotions of things that you have out there, and they are terribly amplified, any little problem can appear as an insurmountable mountain, any idea you have, may seem bad when you know it’s not, or vice versa, and you can get up in the morning with a emotional disaster without knowing what the hell happened at night. When this kind of waves mess with our neuropeptides, everything becomes upside down.


The robustness of the physical system, the body, its health, is the main defense against all types of electromagnetic fields. Healthy and strong people, with good diet and good nutrition, are less vulnerable to the effects of these external fields. The “mental and energetic hygiene” is another very important protection, because if they are waves that we “attack”, waves are (those that you emit) that defends you. A person with a high resonance frequency is less vulnerable than one with a low. The knowledge of cause (i.e. knowing what is happening) is what also increases the psychic-energetic protection. “Knowing” and “understanding” what’s happening what it does is generate your own “shield,” and often neutralizes the attack.

It is important to be aware that the energy soup we are constantly exposed to is affecting the our nervous system many times without realizing it. Do you have a bad day for no apparent reason? See if by any chance there is a new source of emission that is making you dance the neuropeptides, in many cases, you may find that it is.