More about Gateway Experience


I have not written for several days about the Gateway Experience program that I’m doing. The reason is that the second block, called Threshold, in which we work with a much deeper state of consciousness (called Focus 12), consists of a series of exercises and meditations in which you work and explore that level of consciousness in several ways.

For example, you learn to visualize your body from the energy levels that compose it, to solve problems by sending your questions and learning to receive the answers from your own “intuition” and expanded consciousness, to mentally imagine an “energy enhancer” that allows you to recharge when you need it, to use colors to breathe correctly, etc. Nothing in itself extremely spectacular but all very practical and useful in daily life.

From now on I start the third block, Freedom, which is much, but much more interesting as it provides you with techniques and tools to try things as interesting as remote viewing. We’ll see how it goes.

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