It’s been some days since I’ve not been able to get rid of my ebook reader, and that is because I have found several books about the Philadelphia Experiment (also known as Montauk Project or Rainbow Project), and I am completely absorbed in the study of what happened more than 60 years ago.

Montauk Project was an experiment carried out in 1943 to make an American Navy ship invisible so that it could not be detected by radar, but with the result that they ended up opening a space-time gap and creating distortions in the space continuum at that time. The ship not only became ”invisible”, but appears to have been transported to other parallel realities, back and forth, several times. After the “official” closure of the experiment, it became, hidden and clandestine until 1983, in a project to learn how to open this kind of portals in time and space, to go and come back in physical form from one year to another, to modify the people’s behavior through the transmission of a certain kind of waves that could alter the state of mind, etc. These books are written by technicians, military and civilian personnel who participated in them (especially Preston Nichols), and years later have written down what happened until, they decided to conclude it after a series of “serious” problems happened while “playing” with time and space (they say they came to “lose” several thousand people in their experiments, as they “sent” them through certain portals and could not get them back).

Leaving aside the fact that there is evidence of this type of experiments or not, whether it is all true or not, what has kept me very entertained has been the studies on consciousness and timelines that the group of scientists behind these experiments (especially John Von Niewmann, one of the parents of the Manhattan Project, atomic bomb, with Einstein) carried out.

Reference loss of a “base reality”

If you remember, in the last few weeks I have published a lot on multidimensionality topics, parallel timelines, activities during sleep, etc. From the spiritual point of view, it is easy for me to understand, as I have my own experiences about lucid dreams in other parallel dimensions, etc, (as I mentioned once, when you explain it it’s not the same as when you live it, and you “know” for sure what they mean). What I did not understand until now is how we choose a “base reality” of reference, from which those other parallel realities in which we also coexist are generated.

When the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted, all personnel aboard the USS Eldrige ship were transported to one of those parallel realities for some time, and upon returning they all suffered terrible mental and psychic disorders. The reason is that the electromagnetic fields generated to make the ship invisible had also broken the “energetic” connection (so to speak) that each of us has with the ”reality” in which we are incarnated.

That is, in order to be seated in this dimension in which we are, in this timeline, it seems to be (according to reports and conclusions of the project technicians) that the Higher Self, at the incarnating moment, “tunes” the soul and the energy system with the “frequency” of the dimension or timeline in which it wants to exist. It’s like we’re putting on a harness that literally hooks us into this continuum time that we exist in. In Carlos Castaneda’s books, this is known by shamans as ”the anchor point“, and is located about one foot behind the left shoulder blade in the etheric body. If it were not, the physical body could (theoretically) jump from one parallel reality to another, having lost the reference to its base timeline and would not have, our mind, anything that synchronizes it and hold it to this “time” and reality.

Keeping synchronization with reality

Part of the experiment consisted of how to make those who were transported to those other realities, not losing this synchronization and engagement with the reality from which they departed, and after many years and many trials, it seems that they achieved spectacular results and impressive technological advances (of course well kept who knows where).

The interesting thing is knowing that at the energy system level, we are hooked to a concrete timeline chosen by our Higher Self, in which we experience a series of happenings, lessons, events, etc. But that we could calmly anchor ourselves to any other if this “connection” or anchor point is broken. That we wander during sleep or that our mind can tune into those other realities, is given by the fact that although we remain anchored and connected as a reference to this base timeline, when we are free from physical constraints (during sleep, for example), it is easy for us to “explore” and “connect” with other timelines knowing (the soul) that the harness is well placed to take us back to its baseline.

It is no longer even a question of simultaneous incarnations in our own timeline, but rather of our own existence in other parallel realities, or even of being able to connect with simultaneous incarnations in completely different parallel realities. It is a very careful mental exercise trying to understand all this, I already tell you, it’s been many days that I don’t let go from reading these books because I find it fascinating.