In a certain way it is discouraging to have the perception that in our environment there is much more than what we can perceive with our physical senses and have no way to prove it. I mean living in a “multidimensional” environment, in which many different realities are superimposed on each other, but of which we are only able to notice and perceive the “physical” reality to which we are tuned.

The set of things, people, events, etc. that we perceive are all within the same “reality” which is what our five senses understand, since they are programmed to decode a series of frequency patterns that are the ones that mark the world in which we exist. However, in the same place where resides the dining room table in front of us, there are other levels of reality that are “higher” or simply “parallel” in which there are other “worlds”, other “planes” and other perceptions that we cannot capture, but that are so “real” for “who” hypothetically reside in that plane. Happens the same for us in our plane. It may exist another version of that same table as any other different thing IN the same place; we call this as the same “physical” space, although in reality it is simply levels of reality that have nothing to do with each other.

Perception of other realities

When our physical senses give way to the internal senses of consciousness (we call it the “extrasensory” perception), many people can perceive some of those other planes of existence that exist in parallel to ours. We are not the center of anything, but we simply exist on a level which is the only one we can perceive. If we could refine those senses that we all have, asleep, but existing after all, we could perceive those other planes of reality, those other worlds in the which other beings, consciousnesses, events, objects and situations take place. If the reality of that other plane could only see their own world, they would be just like us, thinking that the only “reality” that exists is their reality.

When someone starts to awaken a certain sensitivity and manages to connect with these other realities and dimensions superimposed on ours, he/she gets scared. Well, we do not know what it is, are they entities that come to “attack”?, What are those lights, or those things that I perceive? Normally there is nothing that “comes to us”, they are simply “things” that are happening in other planes and that we are perceiving. It is like opening a window and taking a look at what is happening on the street, of course that for us would be a completely unknown street, and we would have no idea how we have opened that window.

When such things happen to us, it is healthy to approach them with an air of curiosity and spirit of explorers. If we have the faculty of perceiving other realities, we are closer to understand the multidimensionality of existence. Who knows, you can still find an entity capable of transcending through the different planes and then, obtain knowledge about “the other sides”.