When we talk about the “Source”, and here each one of you put the mystical, esoteric, religious or cultural name that each one want, we imagine that EVERYTHING that EXISTS comes from a single repository of energy-consciousness-vibration where all that has “come out” of that Source Go back.

Evidently this is correct, everything that exists in Creation merges again with the “Source” of that creation at some time regardless of the type of being you are or the evolutionary path you have. What is not so normal is to understand that there are actually different “sub-sources” or portions of the “primary” Source that have the creative potential and the power to “create” life in the same way as that “total” Source, and that different parts of creation do not return to the primary Source, but return to the Source from which they came out, to a sub-source.

The scheme of the different logos

We already know that at the metaphysical level, Creation is structured at vibratory-evolutionary-frequency levels. There are also hierarchies, planes, dimensions, etc. and different levels of consciousness. All the energy of our universe is conscious, and within it, and of each of the different universes, millions of galaxies are beings in their own right. To the “SUPRA-BEING”, the consciousness that maintains and manifests itself like all we see on a galaxy, we usually call it, to understand us, the “Galactic Logos”. This galactic logos has the potential to be a full-fledged creator, in such a way that it is the giver of life of all the beings that we see incarnated or manifested as suns and stars. Our star, the one we call the “Solar Logos”, is a being that is, so to speak, of a lower level or an inferior step in the hierarchy that have created the structure of ALL that EXISTS. Something similar happens with the consciousness-energy beings that give life to planetary systems, which are also “logos” par excellence, with a lower potential than a “solar logos”, but creators after all. Right now, for example, our own solar logos are “creating things” because of the commuter of their domains which have to do with the binary system where we find ourselves existing and the formation of a new solar system around the star we call ” Nemesis” and orbits our Sun (the same one that is responsible for the chaos that creates in the Oort cloud as it passes through).

All this I have already been explaining in the blog in one way or another and in the talks I give and also in the different courses of Akashic Healing, except the issue that different people may have different “origins” at the level of who they are.

Different points of origin of the being

What does this mean? It means that many of us, at the level of the being or of the spirit (not of the soul ’cause the soul is the link between the “being” and the physical body and is formed with the energy of the different planes of our planet), come from different “sources”. I am aware that my origin is in a Galactic Logos, in ours, in the Milky Way. I am aware that the being that now inhabits this physical body has “come out” or was born from our galaxy and not from the Primary source, (but in a way, our galactic logos come from the Primary source from which we have all come out, you understand me, don’t you?). My origin, and that of many other beings/spirits/people who now incarnate on Earth is the consciousness-being of the Milky Way, but this is not the case for everyone. Many other people originate outside of our galaxy, and it is there, to your particular logos, that you will return when you finish your evolutionary journey, even if you are now at this level on our planet.

Other people, however, have not been “born” from a galactic logo, but from a solar logo. Each sun or star has the same creative potential that has a galactic logo, simply at a lower level, and trillions of beings have been created from this evolutionary level, so they will return at the end of its journey through the different planes and “courses” by which they have passed through.

In this case, within our Milky Way and speaking in terms of “evolutionary levels” to understand us, the return home has 8 levels of evolution and consciousness, the third would be like being about to enter the room. As you already know, these evolutionary levels in our galactic system is what we call evolution by octaves, and it is what we call seventh density, the last “level of consciousness” before the reintegration with our Source, to start maybe again, I don’t know, somehow in some other higher level system.

Different evolutionary schemes for different sources

However this leveling system is not completely the same for all galactic logos, something I have recently discovered as I have had the possibility to interact with some being/entity whose origin is outside our galaxy (like many millions of people who are now here incarnate, wandering who belong from a higher densities). So, when asking about the evolutionary levels of the origin of this particular being, he explained to me that they do not measure the jumps back to their source in 8 levels or in octaves like us but in another way, thus remaining in particular this entity, to 2 levels to meet with its Logos , which was the being that gave “life” to another macro galaxy of which we have no news. In understanding this, then I asked about the different evolutionary schemes that mark the path of each of the beings-spirits-consciences, and basically the answer was that it depends on the configuration that each galactic logo sets for its “domains”, although, in many nearby galaxies, a scale of evolutionary leaps is similar to our own although not entirely identical.

This is one of the clearest explanations that has led me to understand why certain channelings, at least those that I consider to be of quite quality/reliability, describe evolutionary systems differently, and why when they (the channeled beings) describe their own evolutionary level and try to adjust it to ours to give us a comparison, we often get lost, contradict what we think we know, or there is no way of knowing how “advanced” they are with us, because simply in their system of origin, the “steps” back home are different and their translation/comparison is little less than impossible.

Think that I am not talking about dimensions as a frequent concept or vibratory plane, because dimensions exist infinite, but I use the term “density” to refer to the level of consciousness and evolutionary level that an entity must acquire throughout its evolution. Humanity is in the evolutionary level that we call third density, third dimension, third frequency level and we are entering the evolutionary level that we call third density at 15.6Hz, a greater level, a greater octave within the current global level that we have, which is not the same as the frequency level that the planet reaches in its frequency jump for which it is preparing because the Earth “is ahead”, so to speak.

And what is the difference between coming from the logos of the Milky Way, from the logos of Andromeda, from the Logos of Irpie or from any other galactic Logos with respect to having been created by a solar logos like our star? Simply that the source to the one we return has a different order and that depends on the system of origin the return steps are different. But it is not something that can be quantified, not even something that can be noticed or qualified by the evolutionary level that a person or being has when incarnated. There are simply multiple Sources of multiple levels and that different “spirits”, portions of the “divine spark” or “matrixes of light” have come out of them and are now incarnated here or in any other planetary system and trying to make their way back home from where they came from. In the depths of our being, we all yearn to return to the Source, home, definitely to our own.