Every component of individual or common reality and especially any type of illness or physical problem has always a mental, emotional, energetic and in many cases, profoundly spiritual and high personal growth triggers.

We can self-generate a disease due to a distortion in our energy system produced by a life lesson or an unconscious decision at the psychological level in the same way the whole humanity can generate a reality common sick , due to the distortion of our global psyche.

Nature of major events

All the great events that take place on the planet are due to the energetic creation of the sum of millions of common realities, which add up the potential existing in each one of them to give rise to pandemics, revolutions, raising or falling regimes, changes of era, catastrophes, wars or disasters. Even if the seed of these events may have been artificially established (diseases that come out from laboratories, wars manufactured in meeting rooms or crisis manufactured in the stock exchanges), we are the ones that end up accepting, implanting, emitting and manifesting the desired effect of that seed making it grow and giving it power, because we are the catalyst of the energetic process through which the world in which we live is created.

Furthermore, the great natural disasters we are experiencing lately, are nothing more than the process of the planet itself to fix the great negative energy charge caused by humanity and restore its harmony and internal balance in its own process of growth.

Our planet is not a closed system, the energy of events created, travels throughout the collective unconscious, the psyche of humanity and affects us all in a way or another, depending on how each one of us, resonate with that energy. In the case of large epidemics, the events may serve an individual cause, since the person has the choice to die or go through the disease for its own evolutionary process, using the manifestation of the disease in the common reality (to which he contributes) but also may have deeper meaning at a mass level, leading to great changes in parts of humanity for having been used as a catalyst for other purposes. Major diseases, plagues, disasters and other type of events have been the trigger for great advances, and collective changes. The human species maintains its own self-consciousness and instinct of development as we all do, using on a large scale the tools of growth and healing that we all use at the individual level.

The disease is not a virus issue

When we think that a disease is only a matter of a virus, we reduce the problem to a purely physical issue. We get vaccinated or medicated and in a short term the disease is cured or passes by our house. Thanks to our medical advances, many diseases have been conquered and practically eradicated. However that does not mean that who decides to go through a disease as a way of personal or spiritual growth, will not get another one still latent and for which, there is no a cure yet.

No one becomes ill if that illness does not take place or is not triggered by an internal psychological, energetic or spiritual process. In times of great epidemics, thousands of individuals remain immune and thousands more become ill. On an individual level, if there is only one virus on the whole planet of a very rare disease and a certain soul needs to go through that process, that person will be the only one among millions of people with that kind of problem. Many other millions of people who were also vaccinated against this epidemic will probably never have to go through it, but still inoculate into their physical and biological system little pieces of the virus, without understanding that it is the energetic process, mental and spiritual what determines whether or not we take that virus or that disease because it depends on our lessons and learnings, for us and for others, that we want to manifest (at levels that we may not consciously understand) a certain state of physical health.

Death and end of game

The process of death by disease is also a fixed process. Nobody leaves this plane unless at a soul level you want to leave, and nobody stays a second longer when you determine you want to leave. Even suicide is a permission to leave before time, a decision of the soul that decides to end a game that is not finished yet. (in regressions to past lives I have experienced my exit from an incarnation through suicide and the internal decision process at my soul level to get to it was very revealing).

It is a decision of the soul if the personality wants to leave, but is not the one who really governs the body and all kind of obstacles will appear to really prevent the early exit from the game.

We die when we have to die and we choose the way we die and nothing can change on a spiritual level, the person’s choice. We get sick when there is a physical need for it as part of a learning process or to show an energetic distortion to which we are not paying enough mental attention and has to be made visible at the physical level.

The nature of healing

On the other side of the coin, healing is the opposite process. Everyone heals when at a deeply internal level wishes to heal, when the learning associated with the illness has been completed and when the energy balance, that caused the problem, is restored.

Nobody who don’t wish to be healed can be healed or helped to heal. We know it very well when we do Akashic Healing. No matter how many energetic blockages we can detect, if internally the person does not want to reconstruct the energetic distortion that caused the blockage, is like sending summer breeze to caress his aura. Nothing happens. When a disease is already manifested physically, we have to treat the physical body but at the same time, and with special insistence, we have to deal with the energetic problem that triggered it. As long as the being has an ongoing learning process, an incomplete lesson or an unbalanced energetic distortion, working with the physical body to restore health, is like putting layers of paint on a wall without restoring the moisture first that is causing the problem.

And for the purpose of this, yesterday I read this paragraph in one of LL Research’s Q’uo channelings:

“…the healing area is the area that encompasses the whole incarnation since the healing of any distortion is the balance of that distortion… what has been torn apart reunites and what has caused harm is part of the experience that taught a lesson planned by the entity itself, either before the incarnation or as a part of the incarnation.

… Many times the connection between the entity and its experience or to be more precise, between the entity and the catalyst of that experience, is what often is called illness or disharmony because the entity or a portion of it is taken out of its normal equilibrium and forced by this imbalance to pay attention to the present situation. When the experience and the lesson are mentally and emotionally consummated, there is a restoration of the person’s balance and harmony. When the perception is sufficiently distorted -or perhaps we should say ignored- then the catalyst may be given by the mind to the body and the physical ailments in one way or another guarantee to capture the seeker’s attention in the future. This type of discomfort focuses the attention of the seeker on that catalyst that has not been well used. As the catalyst is used and learning is completed, the healing is achieved. “

Two sides of the same process

Both disease and healing are identical processes of different polarities. One is the result of an energy distortion and the other is the result of an energy harmonization. Both are the result of something much deeper, a learning still to integrate or a completed learning. Both depend on the person who suffers the disease or who overcomes it and no one else. The external environment is not the cause of any of these two processes, it only serves as a support tool, as an excuse or as a method to get sick or to recover health.

All diseases, problems and disorders are always available at a first place as an emotional and mental experience so if we listen and stay healthy at those levels, the physical body does not need to suffer any kind of distortion.