"Negative" Wanderers


The fact about talking so much about wanderers in the last two articles has triggered a wave of questions by email, especially referring to the issue of “negative wanderers”. I mean, it’s really nice to talk about souls from other sides who come to get some information or help, but what about the opposite? Are there souls elsewhere, of superior evolutionary level, but of opposite polarity, who come precisely to do the opposite? Well, yes. And in fact, there are plenty of them on this planet, so we could label them “negative wanderers”.

On equal terms

One of the hardest things to understand sometimes, is that everything in creation has two sides, two polarities that it exist a duality in all that IS and that duality implies that both parties have the same evolutionary opportunities. If we are talking that we are going to move to a positive evolutionary level, it only implies that our planet has chosen one of the two existing polarities for its next frequency jump, because it is from what we call the new Earth, the new matrix , the fifth dimension or whatever, depending on the scale you use to measure these evolutionary levels, when both energies will be separated in a planetary STS system or in an STO planetary system.

But the main rule that this game of life requires is that both sides have freedom of choice and equal opportunities, so free will prevails so that those who wish to work or advance the Polarity STS (negative) do so, as well who ever want to do in positive polarity. When the planet shouted “SOS” that resonated across the four confines of the galaxy, millions of “positive” entities decided to pass through the neighborhood to see what was happening if it was necessary to balance the positive polarity, and discovered that this planet was trying to follow an STO path by choice, but what it was carrying was drastically polarized to the opposite extreme. The rules of the game allow that if one polarity grows, the other can do the same, and hence the permission for millions, literally millions of souls and entities to have arrived in the last few centuries, specifically the last few decades, to counteract the balance.

Permission to both sides

Many more positive than negative entities and souls are coming in, as well as what we call wanderers from some higher evolutionary level. But what about the wanderers who literally come to help the other side? Well, they exist, perhaps in less proportion, but they do exist. This type of wanderer has another connotation for the general public. What comes to mind if I tell you that a reptilian entity incarnates in a human body? I guess the first thing that comes to you is the idea of possession, negative aliens, Hollywood movies and the idea that I’ve seen too many Internet videos anyway.This is what the general public usually thinks. However, all reptilian groups, insectoids, and other STS races (I recommend the study of Dr. Corrado Malanga, Stephane Cardinaux, or Eve Lorgen) when they decide to incarnate using a human body are literally “negative wanderers.

Here we are not talking about a reptilian entity being anchored to the energy system of a person externally through the third subsequent chakra, which is rather a kind of anchorage or negative entity coupled to a person who has his “native and human soul” inside.

anclaje_thumb(© Stephane Cardinaux)

Here we are talking about a baby being born, an organic body that is a reptilian soul or whatever uses that receptacle as an evolutionary vehicle.

It’s the same case, the same way of getting into a video game as a positive wanderer does. The only difference is the internal polarity of that entity that it has when entering that physical body. In this case, the wandering STS does not remember exactly who he is either, since having incarnated inside the human body, instead of being anchored externally to it, he follows the same rules of the game as any other soul. If a positive wanderer has no idea who he is, but has certain sensations, inclinations and feelings that make him suppose that something does not fit his idea of not belonging here, the same happens to negative wanderers. They have the same difficulty in waking up as a positive wanderer, but when they “wake up” some are dedicated to helping the planet to polarize it positively and others are dedicated to working from within to maintain the control system as it is.

The term applies to both sides

Note that the term “wanderer” only denotes that the soul within a physical body does not belong to this planetary system and comes from a higher density or evolutionary level. But this definition applies equally to the two existing polarities throughout creation, that is, that 4D and 5D negative beings use 3D bodies to enter reducing their frequency or evolutionary level, just as 4D, 5D and 6D positive beings use them for the opposite.

In both situations, that soul, no matter what polarity it has, has to make a special adjustment in order to fit into a dense and restricted body, otherwise, if that soul/entity (whether positive or negative) enters by force into the human body with the potential it brings by nature, it would possibly end up “melting” the vessel due to the great vibrational disparity. Therefore, every wanderer, on whatever side, must sacrifice certain qualities, abilities and potentials to enter into our density. The “STO” do it for love to others, for the desire to help, for service to others, the STS do it for maintaining the control structures and continuing having a planet where the physical and energetic resources make it a delicacy they don’t want to lose or leave, so under “orders” of the chain of command STS or by their own will decide to incarnate using a human body to work more easily, from within the system.

So, seen as it is, yes, there are “negative” wanderers that planet allows because they are part of the rules of the evolutionary game, even if it doesn’t sound too good from our point of view. You are doing what your nature dictates you, what your species dictates you, and what your plans and agendas are trying to achieve, but fortunately, and if nothing occurs, their days are numbered because I have the intuition that this change to the next level of the game is getting to the end and there is nothing that can reverse it. We’re still working on it.

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