Neuroscience and energetic healings


A couple of days ago I was in a workshop on neuroscience framed within the events organized by TED in Barcelona (small conferences on a specific topic, very dynamic and entertaining) of which I found out by chance. One of the presentations dealt with the solution to psychological problems through the disconnection of the mental structures, the synaptic connections, that those problems, traumas, phobias, etc., had generated in the individual. I mean, there was a speaker in front of me, with an impressive curriculum in the field of neuroscience, who was telling me in a purely scientific way what happens when I start reading and energetically healing a person and I get rid of him a phobia, a pattern of behavior or a trauma in the subconscious. I had not heard about the event by chance, you see.

A universal connection

And it is basically something that because of the little research I have done through the work with morphic fields of Rupert Sheldrake and sensed, and I have seen explained in another way much more technical, with colors identifying the different synaptic connections and others. And that wasn’t the only surprise in the afternoon. First, it was a very interesting presentation of V.S. Ramachandran, in a video called: “the neurons that gave form to civilization”.

Professor Ramachandran speaks directly of the connection we all have with everyone and how we generate certain behaviors through what he calls “mirror neurons” to see or perceive those behaviors in other people. Basically what I perceive here is the connection through what we might call the collective unconscious or human morphic field when we read to someone, connecting through the part of that person we call “the Higher Self”, but separate terms, we are talking about the same aspect or something related and similar. A tangible connection, measurable, “real” (in certain terms) among the consciences of people, which allow me to “read” with the right method, something that, that other person allows me to “catch” of itself (read blockages, energetic or mental in this case).

Dismantling mental structures, rearranging synaptic connections

That was an interesting detail to contrast “science” (or neuroscience) with “energetic healing” (we put it with the label of “spiritual”). Then came what I commented at the beginning, a couple of talks more (as the videos upload the link) on the creation of our reality according to our mind and our emotions.

And then the topic of mental and psychological problems and post-traumatic stress disorder (TDSP or PTSD). In these cases, it is emphasized that these problems are solved by rearranging with different techniques the neural connections of the brain, where these have been generated and that manifest the blockage that is at the mental or subconscious level. Fascinating. So what happens when we’re healing at a distance and releasing a person from a trauma or a phobia is that we’re tweaking their synaptic connections? Well, it looks like it. I can’t see a person’s brain inside when I do a reading, but the colored images about brain activity when certain external stimuli happen give me the impression that it’s happening on a physical level (to other levels of course, other things happen).

My connection with that person, generated directly and on purpose, and with the proper permission to make a healing, is affecting different levels of that person who end up manifesting in a rearrangement of certain parts of their brain that affect his mind and releases a problem. And all, in the time it takes to sit down, do a little meditation, do a reading of what is the problem and proceed to apply a remote healing of it. And now when they tell us that this is just “esoteric” or “spiritual” and have nothing to do with real science. Maybe. But I know I didn’t go to those talks by chance.

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